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7300 GPS Navigation System with RV Box Camera


RV Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor
7300 GPS Navigation System with CCD Camera


7300 GPS Navigation System with Bumper Camera


7400 GPS Navigation System with RV Box Camera


7400 GPS Navigation System with Bumper Camera


7300 GPS Navigation System with No Backup System


7-Inch In-dash Navigation System with No Backup Camera


7200 GPS Navigation System with Bumper Camera


7200 GPS Navigation System with No Backup System


7200 GPS Navigation System with License Plate Camera


7-Inch In-dash Navigation System with License Plate Camera


7-Inch In-dash Navigation System with CCD License Camera


7-Inch In-dash Navigation System with Bumper Backup Camera


7-Inch In-dash Navigation System with RV Box Camera



When you buy a new car, some of the electrical devices you need in a vehicle come standard, while others are added on if you upgrade to a higher priced model. In many cases, these upgrades cost far more when the automaker installs them than when they are purchased aftermarket. Furthermore, in the case of many vehicles, certain types of electronics are only available aftermarket. If you want them in your car, you have to purchase them separately.

If your vehicle needs car electronics that aren’t available from the automaker or aren’t worth the cost of upgrading to a higher priced model, buying them aftermarket from Tadibrothers is an excellent option. For over ten years, we have provided vehicle owners with a variety of cutting edge car electronics that make it safer, easier, and more exciting to travel.

Car Navigation Systems

A GPS navigation system makes it easy for drivers to find their destination. GPS satellites orbit earth, sending out radio signals to car navigation systems as they travel. A GPS navigation system measures the time it takes for the signals to arrive, and uses the information to chart the location of the vehicle. As you drive, car navigation systems verbally tell you how to reach your destination. With a GPS navigation system in your car, you will never take a wrong turn again.

Backup Camera Systems

A disproportionate amount of auto accidents happen when people travel in reverse -- about 25% to be precise. Backup camera systems let you see the areas behind and on the sides of your vehicle that are hard to see with the rearview mirror and side mirrors. As you drive, up to five cameras mounted on the exterior of the vehicle transmit a high-resolution video feed to a screen that is mounted in the vehicle, and allows you to view multiple camera angles simultaneously.

DVD Players

Remember the long car rides to your relatives’ house in the days when the only entertainment cars had was a radio? Today, there’s no reason to be bored on long car trips, not when you can install DVD players that mount to the back of headrests and flip down from the roof. With screens up to 20” wide, watching movies in your car can be like watching them at home. If your family takes long drives, installing DVD players is a great way to keep everyone happy.

Dash Cam Systems

Cutting edge dash cam systems come with two cameras: one that records what happens in front of your vehicle and another that records what happens behind the vehicle. Dash cam systems are great for gathering evidence in the event of auto accidents, attempted carjackings, and road rage incidents. Whatever happens in front or back of your vehicle, a dual camera dash cam system will record the action and let you download the footage for use at a later date.

Park Assist Systems

Do you have trouble with parallel parking? Is backing into a parking space difficult because you can’t see everything behind the vehicle? If so, installing a park assist system from Tadibrothers will help solve the problem. Our park assist system with moving grid lines helps you parallel park by guiding you into the spot using a camera system that shows the correct path to the spot on a video screen mounted inside the vehicle. We also have curb alert systems and backup alarms.

Get Your Equipment Today

If you need to buy cutting edge car electronics for an affordable price, look no further than Tadibrothers. Whether you need a GPS navigation system, a backup camera system, DVD players, a dash cam system, or another technology, visit our online store and check out our great car electronics today!