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Originally designed for the military, Global Positioning System (GPS) technology is now available to civilians in a variety of devices. If your automobile doesn’t have a built-in GPS tracking system, you don’t have to buy a new car to get the mapping power of GPS. Instead, just install an affordable, high-grade GPS system from Tadibrothers. You can even combine a GPS system with a cutting edge backup camera system to get a backup camera GPS system!

How GPS Works

GPS devices use satellite technology to track the position of a vehicle as it travels. Over 30 GPS satellites orbit the globe, sending out radio signals as they move across space. These signals are received by GPS devices, which measure the time it takes for the signals to travel from the satellite to the signal receiver. Using this information, the devices calculate the latitude and longitude of the vehicle that contains them, and the path in which the vehicle travels.

In addition to receiving radio signals from satellites, GPS devices also receive transmissions from a map database that provides the names of roads, buildings, and waterways, you encounter on your journey. Whether you frequently travel out of town on business, are planning to take a vacation in unfamiliar territory, or simply aren’t great with directions, equipping your vehicle with a GPS device from Tadibrothers will make it easier to reach your destination.

How a Backup Camera Works

Backup cameras record the road space behind a vehicle to help drivers avoid collisions. A high-resolution, night vision, all-weather camera that is mounted to the exterior of the vehicle sends a signal via wire or radio frequency transmitter to a dash or window monitor. The monitor allows the driver to observe the reverse roadway at all times, making it safer to back up in areas that contain high pedestrian traffic, stop and go traffic, or low obstacles such as benches.

A backup camera from TadiBrothers lets you do more than see the roadway. You can also use the system to view photos using an SD card, listen to music using an SD card, and watch movies -- great options for when you’re stuck in traffic or taking a roadside break during a long trip. With its user friendly interface, the backup camera’s full touch screen takes just minutes to master, and is perfect for combining with GPS technology to create a GPS backup camera.

Why Get GPS with Backup Camera?

Installing a GPS backup camera provides more safety than using a GPS system or backup camera system alone. The GPS system delivers information that helps you avoid dangerous weather conditions, ensures you don’t get lost in strange territory, and even directs you to the nearest gas station when you’re running low on fuel. The backup camera helps you avoid reversing into vehicular or pedestrian traffic and hitting objects that could cause tire damage.

GPS backup camera systems have saved thousands of lives and prevented millions of dollars in property damage. Considering how affordably the technologies can be implemented after market, there is no reason to get them from an auto manufacturer as features that add thousands of dollars to the price of a car when installed as factory options. For much less, you can buy and install a cutting edge GPS backup camera system from Tadibrothers.

Get Your System Today

A backup camera GPS system from Tadibrothers makes your vehicle safer and more exciting to drive. Available in windshield mounted and dash mounted models, our backup camera GPS systems can be installed in a configuration that meets your personal driving preferences. If your car doesn’t have a GPS and backup camera system, don’t risk getting lost or having an accident in reverse. Get a GPS backup camera system from Tadibrothers today!