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Backup Camera System

Backup Camera System

The advancement in technology in vehicles has been extraordinary. New technology is increasing the awareness and safety for drivers and pedestrians. The backup camera is one of those inventions that have revolutionized the vehicle industry. Many of the new cars have a backup camera system and in older models, owners are electing to get them installed. In addition, these camera systems are not just limited to vehicles; they are being installed on horse trailers, RV's and Semi-trucks. Listed below are the advantages and disadvantages to the backup camera and why we are the number one choice for buying a backup camera system, CMOS backup camera, or CCD HD backup camera

backup camera system

Advantages of Backup Cameras

The biggest and foremost advantage to having a backup camera system is the safety capabilities it provides people. Over 25% of vehicle accidents happen in which the driver was backing up, with nearly half of those accidents occurring close to or near your residence. In addition, over 75% of the accidents that involved backing up could have been prevented, if the driver had some type of backing up aid. Having a backup camera allows the driver to see what is behind him while their vehicle is in reverse - this includes but is not limited to: children, bikes, curbs, or even other cars. Giving the driver a visual guide is one of the most helpful tools you can provide an operator. Another advantage of having these cameras is the ability to line up trailer hookups and to make parking in tight spots much easier.


Disadvantages of Backup Cameras

While the backup camera system provides increased safety and convenience, it does have a couple of downfalls. Some drivers will get tunnel vision on just the camera picture itself, which can cause the driver to not use his side mirrors or rear-view mirror. The backup camera has only a restricted view of what the lens can see, the driver needs to be able to scan the entire area behind him, because something may come into the camera view too quickly for the driver to react to it. When getting this system installed please talk with our trained professionals on how to properly use the camera as an aid and not a single point of reference when backing up. This will help reduce the chances of any accidents happening to you and the people around you.

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Buying From a Trusted Professional

As you can see, the advantages of having a backup camera system more than outweighs any type of downfalls the systems may have. A crucial step in buying a backup camera is finding a trusted source who will explain the different models and each of the capabilities and limitations. Our company has dedicated professionals who have extensive knowledge with this technology. We have background knowledge of camera systems for trailers, RV's, surveillance systems, underwater cameras, as well as how to connect multiple cameras and receiver systems. Tadibrothers has been in business for over 10 years! Our main goal is your satisfaction and safety when you buy our products. Please give us a try, you will see why we are the leading backup camera supplier, and why we are the only choice for you future backup camera system purchase.

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