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Photo By: Alex Demyan courtesy of Louisiana State Parks [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Let’s face it: RV life isn’t exactly roughing it. Nowadays, RVs are so decked out in modern amenities that they practically redefine the term glamping. But before you go daydreaming about a king sized bed and plasma TV, you need to face the facts. Though luxurious, RVs can be cramped and expensive. You need to make the most of what you have before you run out of space and money. Fortunately, we’ve put together a handy list of RV hacks for your next road trip. Use the following tricks to save yourself from some headaches and trips to the ATM

1. Trash Storage

It’s hard to imagine just how much trash we go through on a daily basis. That is, until you go on an RV trip. Extra space goes fast inside RVs, so it’s crucial that you have a plan for ditching your trash. Thinking of using a standard trash bin? Think again. Trash bins not only take up limited space, they also add some serious stench to your crib. You can store your trash inside a plastic cereal container instead. They fit easily into nooks and crannies and keep the smell at bay. You can even attach your cereal container inside a cabinet door to save more space.

2. Command Hooks

Command hooks are an RVer’s best friend. These multi-functional hooks can hang just about any item inside your RV, from utensils to clothing to light strings. Even better, these handy little hooks cost next to nothing and are available at most grocery and hardware stores. You can also buy some command strip Velcro to hang smaller items on cabinet doors and walls. This way, you won’t ever have to worry about losing your TV remote again.

3. Lighting

You won’t find any chandeliers inside an RV. Electrical systems are hazardous and tricky to install inside an RV, so you have to get creative when it comes to lighting. That’s where LED lights come in. You can purchase battery powered LED lights that are cheap, resourceful, and easy to use. Many of these lights even use motion sensors, so you don’t have to worry about finding that on switch in the dark. If you’re really looking to get creative, strap a headlamp on to an empty water bottle or jug. Face the light towards the water and voila – you’ve got a makeshift lamp.

4. Manual Heating

Repeat after me: vent cushions. These handy pieces of insulation fit snugly in the vent opening of RVs. They’re a godsend for RVers, especially on those frigid winter nights. RVs are especially hard to keep heated, so you’ll want to take extra measures to keep yourself warm. You can cover your windows with Styrofoam cutouts to give your RV an extra layer of heating. The extra privacy is just an added bonus.

5. Baking Stone

Have you ever tried cooking inside an RV oven? It can make even the most experienced of chefs look like they belong on “Worst Cooks in America.” That’s because RV ovens run on a single burner, which unevenly distribute heat. You can save your dinner and your stomach by investing in a baking stone. These portable cooking surfaces are inexpensive and fit inside most ovens. They’ll help your oven distribute its heat, so you can enjoy your baked items without the burnt crisps.

6. Conserve Water

Look: we all want to enjoy a long, hot shower now and again. Unfortunately, RVers don’t have the luxury of having large water tanks. You often have to choose between personal hygiene and running out of water. Save your family the trouble by purchasing a high pressure, low flow shower head. They’re easy to attach and will save you buckets of water next time you’re looking to wash off after a long day.

7. Bug Repellent

Nowadays, it seems like there’s a spray for just about any bug: cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants. The list goes on. Instead of filling your RV with expensive bottles of Off!, you can opt for some homemade remedies instead. Did you know you can keep flies away with lemon and cloves? How about that baby powder also functions as ant repellent? Or that you can deter bugs by surrounding your RV with pine? Natural remedies are cheap and effective, so be sure to Google some homemade recipes before buying more bug spray.

8. Sewage Smell

Let’s talk about toilets. Rather, let’s discuss how RV toilets smell so powerful that they put truck stops and Honey Buckets to shame. You don’t have to live your RV life worrying about your next bowel movement. Instead, make sure you properly clean your tank on a daily basis. You can do a deep clean by draining your water tank and filling it with a mixture of water and liquid bleach. Add a 2 to 1 ratio and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Drain the tank and refill it with fresh water and your RV will smell like roses in no time. It’s a smelly job but someone’s gotta do it.

9. Food Storage

Looking to fill your pantry? Check out clear storage containers next time you’re at the store. These stack-able containers keep your food fresh and expand storage space inside pantries. You can also use lids from copy paper boxes to organize your canned goods. Remember to store your canned goods low to the ground to prevent spills on the highway.

10. Extra Storage

You don’t have to go full minimalist to enjoy RV life. You just have to get creative with your storage. One handy hack is to use shoe racks to create extra space. They’re great because they’re hang-able and they keep your items organized. You can hang one over your shower curtain if you’re low on space. You can also hook up a shower caddy to your kitchen wall to hold extra utensils. Get creative and you can enjoy your RV without getting rid of your favorite treasures.

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