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Working in the sales industry for years now gives so many prejudices to people. They would say I am doing it for the money. I would say “Yes, you are right BUT…” There is always a but. It is undeniable that money is a driving force. However, doing this for so many years taught me, not just to follow the saying “Take their money and run.”. It is about listening to the needs and wants of the customers. It is knowing what works and what does not. It is about making them comfortable with what they are getting. It is about giving value to what they are ordering.

With what I have enumerated, I would direct your mind to giving value to what the customer is getting. It is salient because

  1. They understand why the product has a certain price.

Customers need to understand why you have a specific price range for the items on sale. When they see the factors of such pricing, they won’t hesitate to buy. Thus, no need for a comparison with the competitor.


  1. They appreciate more the features.

All features should be explained to the customers so when the call is done, they have answered all those questions they needed to tick, prior to calling the company. When this is done, a smoother ordering process is established.


  1. They see why we stand out among the rest in the market.

Thousands of competitors are present in the market. We all have to stand out to be chosen the customers. With Tadibrothers, we have a dedicated Customer Service who are always happy to help all customers with their various concerns.


  1. They are comfortable in keeping the product and not having to think of returning it to the company.

When they see the value of the product, customers will never have a problem in keeping the products for years to come. Moreso, buy additional systems for other vehicles.


  1. They have a better buying experience.

I make the conversation fun, direct, and honest, I always end up getting a tap on my shoulder. It is salient for me to make the customers ask all the questions they have. This way, I know that they are happy with what they are getting. They understand the need and

  1. They recommend the company to other buyers.

As clear as a crystal, when we buy a product from any company, and we are happy about it, we recommend it to people we know who might need and/or want it. This is why, here in Tadibrothers, we make sure that they get the system worth recommending for.

One experience I had was this this gentleman who drives a trailer for work, bought a system from me. I was able to deliver an excellent service. After placing an order, he told me that he will call his friend who also needs the system the day after, but then, just a few minutes had passed, his friend already called and placed an order. It is a testament that when you give the best customer experience, forcing someone to buy or product is never a necessity. They do it willingly and freely.

Tadibrothers strive to give the best buying experience while improving our process and products everyday. We make sure that the customers are well taken care of. We will not be in business for more than a score, if not for the excellence that we show.