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tips for road trip with rv
tow trailer tips for road trip

Traveling can present many safety issues, especially when voyaging with a vehicle as large as an RV or a Trailer. To make your excursion the safest possible, there are some vital  steps you’ll want to follow. Join the millions of other RV lovers who are ready to hit the road, but before you go, take a few minutes to catch up on a few Tips for RV and Trailer road safety!


1. Thoroughly Have your RV Checked

Nothing ruins a trip faster than an unforeseen blowout or breakdown. While these cannot always be prevented, you should thoroughly check the fans, fluid levels, belts, tires, and mechanics of your RV prior to hitting the highway. A simple tune-up with a qualified mechanic can alert you to any major issues with your RV. If not properly maintained, these vital aspects of an RV cannot only cause a headache and delay your trip, but can also contribute to an accident.

2. Slow it Down

While a wireless RV or Trailer backup camera system may assist you in making lane changes on a busy highway, it won’t make your RV a magic driving machine. You must remember that you are not driving your everyday vehicle and that the brakes feel and react differently than those of your car or truck. Remember to also take your corners carefully. Practice makes perfect.

3. Let People See You

You would think that a large RV would attract all the attention on the road, right? While fellow drivers may certainly notice that you are there, they may become impatient and not pay attention to where you are going. Be sure to always drive with your headlights on, use your turn signals with every turn and lane change, and check your wireless RV backup camera system frequently to monitor the actions and distance of nearby drivers.

4. Tires, Tires, Tires

We may have already mentioned checking your tires before heading out on a trip, but this step is so important that we really want to drive the point home. Check the pressure in your tires before you leave, as both overinflation and underinflation can lead to blowouts and accidents. Ensure that you are preventing unnecessary wear and tear on your tires by blocking and leveling your RV if you are parking it for longer than a day and do not use petroleum-based substances. Replace the tires on your RV every seven years even if they do not look worn out. Old tires do not make good traveling partners.

5. Have a Plan

When you are traveling, you should always have a plan as to the route you are taking to get to your destination. You should always have a GPS system with you so you are able to detect your absolute location. We suggest purchasing a wireless backup camera system with Wi-Fi Monitor included in the system.
The Wi-Fi Monitor with Wireless RV Backup Camera featuring mobile phone mirroring; allows you to mirror your cell phone Via WiFi to the monitor, that means you can use all your mobile apps like Google Maps Or Waze as navigation, 7,9,10.5-inch Wifi Rear view Monitors
watch your Netflix movie or your favorite Football or baseball team on a high resolution screen, even while you’re on the road.

7400 GPS Navigation System with Hi-Def License plate backup cameraAnother option is a to get the GPS Navigation System with Hi-Def License plate backup camera an all in one car safety system. (Click the link above and choose to add a backup camera at customize and upgrade on the upper left side)

Still, a GPS system is not always reliable so you need to have a backup plan. As antiquated as it may sound, you should always carry a road map of the area you are traveling.

Have a plan of action just in case you do experience RV trouble or an accident. Subscribing to a roadside assistance service, carrying a cell phone, and leaving your travel plans with a close friend or family member guarantees that you will have help if it is needed. Many wireless RV backup camera systems offer Bluetooth features that make it easy to stay connected.

6. Propane Care

Far too many RV accidents are caused by LP gas or propane fires. An important step to take prior to leaving is to refuel and perform a thorough inspection of the exhaust system and propane tank operation. Although it may seem like common sense, make sure you do not travel with lit burners, turn off the engine when you refuel, and check all vents to guarantee proper ventilation of the system. Additionally, installing a propane gas detector is a smart move. In the event that something does go wrong, you may be able to prevent a huge disaster.

7. Invest in a Wireless RV Backup Camera System

TadiBrothers Backup camerasFrom a random tree to a bike laying in the path of your RV, unnoticed obstacles can cause serious damage to your RV or even other people. Backing up and driving in reverse can be one of the most stressful and grueling tasks of your vacation. Avoid these dangerous situations by installing a backup camera system and just enjoy your ride.
A simple camera and monitor can be your extra set of eyes and save you time and money in the long run. Check out the highly rated Wireless Rear-View System for RVs with 3 Cameras and split screen Monitor from TadiBrothers.

While taking all the measures in the world may not prevent all accidents, following these simple steps can certainly reduce the likelihood of a major disaster or accident from occurring.

Perhaps the most important travel tip is simply to be aware. Be aware of your surroundings, your movements, and the other vehicles on the road. While your eyes cannot access the entire environment around your RV, wireless RV backup camera systems can. Once installed, a backup camera system is your extra set of eyes in the back of your RV. Available in a variety of different viewable angles, monitor screen sizes, and a host of different features, a backup camera system will give you instant peace of mind and total awareness of your surroundings.

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