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One of the most common questions we get at TadiBrothers customer service is “What is the CCD Upgrade for my backup camera”, “Should I upgrade to the CCD”, or “what is CCD vs Cmos, what backup camera should I get?

The answer to that is “yes, you should upgrade” but let me explain to you why. These questions usually come up through emails or when we take calls over the phone, but it rarely comes up when we’re at trade shows. The reason is, when we are at a show, people get a side by side comparison on a live screen that is hard to show over the internet.

When the customer comes face to face with the CMOS and CCD they will usually pick the CCD, not because the CMOS is bad but rather the CCD is that good and for the $50 price difference most people would rather splurge and get the best.

what back up camera should I get, CCD Vs Cmos

What backup camera should I get? CCD Vs Cmos.

Keep in mind that you don’t buy a backup camera every day, and considering the price of your vehicle, an extra $50 is usually worth the upgrade.

The other benefit of a CCD lens backup camera is that it comes with better night vision and a more durable enclosure which gives you more bang for your buck.

If you want to get technical; the reason CCD (charge-coupled device) backup cameras are better is because they were engineered to transfer the image from the lens through the built in the processor in a more efficient way than the CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor).

The processor that is built into every one of our CCD cameras allows for better night vision clarity due to of its extra sensitivity to light.
The camera can process more pixels in a faster and more precise way which results in a stunningly colorful daytime image and an incredibly vivid night time view.

These benefits come into play when you are driving down the road by giving you a reliable rear view picture that looks very similar to you looking out a window during the day and a night time picture that shows you the road behind you in a way you couldn’t do with your own eyes.

In the past, one benefit of Cmos was that it consumes less energy than the CCD but over the years we have honed it down that the

Digital wireless rv backup camera system

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power draw difference is insignificant. Most people power their rear view camera systems by using the 12 volts in the RV or car while they are driving down the road. Others use our multi camera systems for surveillance while their parked and in that situation they are either plugged into the trailer parks 110 volts or they just use their batteries (I’ve never heard of a backup camera killing an RV battery)

Keep in mind that every backup camera type I have seen whether it’s license plate mounted, Roof mounted (Bird’s eye view), Bumper

mounted or even for your 3rd brake light backup camera; they all can be upgraded to CCD.
If you want the best and it’s in your budget I strongly recommend upgrading to a CCD backup camera, you won’t regret it

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