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Last week, On slow New Year’s Day, 1/1/2024, I got a surprise call from a customer who was worried about his 360 Degree Pickup Truck Camera System in 3D for Surround View. He really wanted to be sure he had everything before going to an installer.

He had two main questions: first, about recording with the system and second, how to hook up the 360 cables and add a fifth camera to his truck.

I checked his order and saw that he ordered a “360 Degree Pickup Truck Camera System in 3D for Surround View” (SKU55911) in 3D with a special DVR and an extra fifth camera – a “Digital Wireless RV Backup Camera” (SKU79706) that works with any rearview monitor. Like I do for all my customers, I told him he had everything he needed. I reminded him to watch the instructional video we sent with his on line invoice. Since he said he hadn’t seen the video, I sent it again to his email. Before we hung up, I gave him my direct number and told him I’d handle all his questions. The customer seemed relieved that he only had to talk to one person about this.

A few minutes later, he texted me saying the video about the fifth camera was different from what he got. I called him back, asked for details about the camera, and asked him to send me pictures of everything he received.

From the photos, I could tell he got an RV camera with an “E-hulk” transmitter. I immediately called him back and helped him connect it step by step, starting with the camera and then the receiver to the 360 system.

We traded a few texts and made some calls until we figured out all the connections.

I complimented him on a job well done. He got every connection right, and all that was left was to power the monitor and the 360 system’s “brain”, and he’d be ready to go.

I answered his question about the DVR function. He just needed to buy an SD card, insert it into the 360 system’s “brain”, and it would record whatever the monitor shows.

His objective was to use this system for easier parking but he also wanted it for security when he is away from the vehicle. I showed him how to activate the 24/7 monitoring and he was off to the races.

And just like that, I made a customer happy on New Year’s Day.