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Here are some common questions about Wired, Wireless and Digital Backup camera kits

General Questions backup camera systems

Does every bundle come with a Cigarette Lighter?

Not every bundle has a cigarette lighter adapter, The cigarette lighter is an add on item sold separately.


Can i cut any unused cables?


You can cut wires that are not in use, we recommend simply tying them away. Any cut wires may touch and cause a short.


Are your monitors and Cameras sold seperately?


Yes they can be purchased individually and you can mix and match any wired and wireless camera and monitor to customize it to your needs, you can get a number of rearview cameras and split screen monitor wired or wireless, call our Toll Free Sales (866) 966-5550 ext. 1


Will using my vehicles battery as a power source affect the system?


It would not hurt the system but if unit is powered on constantly you do risk the chance of draining your vehicle’s battery. We highly suggest installing a switch on the line.


Can i exchange the camera? And How would it work?


We can absolutely exchange the camera (Method of exchange will vary on situation)

Just contact us.

Call our Toll Free Sales (866) 966-5550 ext. 1


How many Amps is the camera take and monitor?


Cameras use 1-2 amps.
Monitors use 4-5 amps.


Wired backup systems

What is a RCA cable for backup camera?

When you buy a Rear view camera from TadiBrothers it will always come with a standard definition 15 Ft RCA cable that connects between the Backup camera to the rear view monitor.

You can always upgrade to our premium RCA cable for higher image and video quality and greater durability.

Watch this video for more details on our RCA cables for any backup camera system.

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How long are the RCA Cables that come with the Backup camera kit?

When you buy a Rear view camera from Tadibrothers it will always come with a standard definition 15 Ft RCA cable that connects between the Backup camera to the rear view monitor.

You can always upgrade to our premium RCA cable for higher image and video quality.
Premium RCA cable come in the following sizes: 15Ft, 25Ft, 35Ft, 50Ft and a 100 Ft.
And each cable can be upgraded to a version with all also carry the power from the monitor to the camera.
Also feel free to call us if you need a custom size RCA cable.

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What is a quick Connect?
The Quick disconnect is a special coiled cable that is meant to simplify the connection between your truck and whatever it is your towing. The quick disconnect cable funnels all your backup camera cables in to 1 simple plug and socket connection. The coiled part allows your vehicle to turn without the danger of damaging the cables. The truck side of the coiled cable will keep the backup camera cables consolidated so that you only need to thread one heavy duty cable up to your monitors. The quick disconnect cables allow you consolidate all the video and power wiring of 4 cameras in to 1 easy to manage cable.

Watch this video to learn about the quick disconnect and how to use it.

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Digital Wireless backup systems

What does "Built in system" mean?

Built-in systems refers to the transmitter and receiver being built directly in to the backup camera and rear view monitor.
it also happens to mean that it is going to be a digital transmission between both sides of the vehicle. “Built in” is the new generation of back up camera systems and instead of keeping the old style of analog transmission we have decided that every one of our built in system will be digital and thus give you an unprecedented minimum range of 150ft of flawless video.

If you like to have the best, we strongly suggest you buy our digital backup camera systems


Wireless backup systems

What is the maximum backup camera kit Wireless distance?

The distance for Wireless backup camera Systems with regular transmitters and receivers is up to 60 Ft between the monitor and the camera

The Digital wireless backup camera systems with built-in transmitters and receivers is Up to 150 Ft between the monitor and the camera

Can i mix and match any wireless backup camera with any monitor?

Yes, you can mix and match any Wireless camera with any monitor except the Digital backup systems with built in wireless.