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Here are some common questions about Car specific backup camera systems.

specific Car backup camera systems

Why do I need a Backup camera module?

Backup camera module allows you to add a rear view camera the built in screen that came with your vehicle

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Do I get warranty for the Backup camera module?
The warranty on our modules are the same high quality 1 year warranty we provide on all of our products.
Can I install the Backup camera module myself?

Yes, We give you very easy to follow instructions and diagrams that will make installation very easy and we also attached a dedicated and direct number to a TadiBrothers technician that will be dedicated to your until you unit is installed.


If self-installation is something you’re not comfortable with TadiBrothers can also provide you with a preferred installer that will give special reduced rates for buying from TadiBrothers.

License Plate Backup Camera systems

Can i use TadiBrothers license plate backup camera kits on any vehicle?


Yes, you can!

you can use them on any vehicle, the only thing you need to know before you buy a license plate backup camera is:
Do you want it to be wireless or wired?
what is going to be the distance between the monitor and the camera?
what kind of camera style: license plate camera bar or full license plate frame with a camera and also camera definition standard definition lens vs. high definition lens


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