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Here are some common questions about Tadibrothers Backup cameras.

Tadibrothers Backup Cameras

What do the Backup camera angles mean?

Wider angle means you can see more on both sides of the vehicle (more lens).
All TadiBrothers backup camera comes standard with 120 degrees viewing angle.
You can always upgrade or downgrade the camera viewing angle.

120 degrees are the most common rear view cameras that we sell

Backup camera angles
What type of backup cameras do you carry?

We have over 200 backup cameras wired or wireless on our website. That makes TadiBrothers world’s largest backup camera store. We have camera that mount on your bumper, license plate, or your roof to name just a few. All of our rear view cameras are available in both wired and wireless and in standard (CMOS) or high definition (CCD).

What are the LEDs on the backup camera?

The LED bulbs you see on our backup camera are an important part of our military grade night vision, these small LED light are used to soak in the light and amplify your view on the rear view monitor. TadiBrothers night vision is special because they adjust automatically and can be used continuously while you’re driving.


Can i leave the backup camera on all time while i'm driving?

Yes! its all about how you connect the 12V power cable.

To stay on all the time you can connect 12V to:

Running lights, license plate illumination lamp, run line direct to battery, ignition switch or any 12V source on the vehicle.
If you want the backup camera to turn on only when you backup then you need to connect the 12V to your vehicle reverse lights.
Are your rear view cameras wired or wireless?

Both, All of the camera you see on have a wired or wireless version of them. This allows you to pick what is perfect for you without sacrificing a clean installation.


What are common power sources for the cameras?

Common sources are the following(May Vary):

Reverse Lights, Running lights, RV Porch Lights, Clearance Lights

We have plenty of other examples in the domestically written, designed and printed manual that is included in every product we sell.