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Here are some common questions about Tadibrothers Rear View Monitors.

Tadibrothers Rear View Monitors

I am getting a rolling image and static, why?
With large engines/vehicles you do run the possibility of it providing static or noise to the unit, In this case installing a engine inline noise suppressor would best fix this issue.
what kind of monitors do you have?
Our monitors range from Dash Monitor to Mirror Monitors all which come with their own mounting methods.
Why doesn’t my 5 Inch Monitor seem to be powering on?
Our 5 Inch monitor does not have a physical power button, Reason being that our monitor is triggered on by video feed.
what size of monitors do you have?


Monitor Sizes: 3.5”, 4.5”, 5”, 7”, 9”, 10”, 12”.

4.5” pop up monitors.

Mirror Monitor Sizes: 3.5” full replacement mirror, 7” mirrors, 9” mirror

Click here to see our REAR VIEW MONITOR GUIDE

Does all your monitors are wireless?
Yes they are all adaptable to be used wirelessly.
What is TFT?

TFT – Thin Film Transistor
LCD flat display, the screen pixels controlled by up to 4 transistors.
This technology provides the best resolution of all flat screens


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