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aftermarket reverse camera and a monitor
aftermarket reverse, side and observation cameras with a monitor

What makes the TadiBrothers wireless backup cameras the best is not just the observation feature all our backup cameras have, but it’s also the transmitters which we provide that boast 70ft static free wireless range.

The reason wireless is so popular is that it’s an easier way to get a single or multi camera backup camera system installed into your vehicle while avoiding the hassle of threading video cable through the vehicle. This can be time consuming but also expensive if you get a professional to do install the system.

Going wireless is also a good solution for those with old style system (i.e. Furrion, Weldex, Voyager, among others) and want to upgrade. Usually because one or more of their rear view cameras broke or maybe they want full color with night vision. Whatever the reasoning, calling up any of these companies for a single replacement backup camera or monitor will cost more than an entire system from TadiBrothers. Our system will convert your existing wiring so that it can power our wireless backup camera systems.

Our standard wireless transmitters work flawlessly up to 70 feet, the transmitters are 100% water and weatherproof, they are very durable because we designed them last in the harshest of environments cold and hot.

The way our transmitters install is in two parts:
First, you connect to the camera to the transmitter and the transmitter to the 12 V in the back of your vehicle.
Second, On the monitor side, you connect the corresponding receiver to the monitor and the mother to the 12 Volt. When the system gets the power you’ll be able to see a full color image that is static free, even while you’re driving down the road.

When installing any of our wireless backup camera systems you have two setup options.
First, you can have it automatically activate when you go in reverse for example; when you’re parking or backing up.
The second option is; you could use it as a full time observation backup camera and leave it active continually while you’re driving down the road or changing lanes.

As for the frequencies, TadiBrothers has 4 frequencies on our standard transmitters that are static free, this means that you can have up to four wireless observation cameras simultaneously broadcasting into a single split screen monitor. We have rigorously tested our wireless backup cameras against Wi-Fi signals, different radios, microwave ovens and different diesel engines the results were all the same; consistently stable and static free video image.

For those looking for Hi-Definition and encrypted security, we recommend our digital wireless products with a range of 125-225ft depending on which style you choose. The benefits of digital are mainly seen in the quality of the transmission, Video quality and the range which can go up to 225ft. The reason digital wireless quality is so much better is because unlike our standard (70ft range) or our long range transmitters (95ft), the digital pair with each other similarly to how your cell phone pairs with the car or Bluetooth headset. The pairing ensures a clear image every time and an extremely fast and secure connection. Because of the pairing process, no one else can see your cameras and you won’t ever see someone else’s video (that also called ghosting)
You might not think it’s a big deal when you’re camping in your favorite RV park but it will give you peace of mind when you trying to park in the RV lot or while you’re trying to change lanes.

You can upgrade any of our backup camera systems to wireless or digital by using the “Customize and Upgrade” section at the top right of every product page.

Digital can also be a good solution for those who want an even simpler installation, we recently introduced what is called “Built in Digital Wireless” (LINK TO CAT) this means that the wireless transmitter is built directly into the camera and the receiver is built directly into the rear view monitor. This makes installation much simpler and faster. The digital systems are available in a 1 camera system (SKU90113) up to 4 cameras (SKU12770) with many different styles of cameras.

TadiBrothers has worked tirelessly to make sure we have a wireless backup camera system that fits your vehicle and budget. Let us know if you have any question, we’ve been doing this for over 10 years. Remember at Tadibrothers
We’ll back you up.

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This video playlist will help you better understand what is a wireless backup camera and Why it’s recomended to get a wireless backup camera system?