TadiBrothers Parking Sensors Guide

What is the difference between 4 sensors and 8 sensors parking systems?

When deciding what type of parking backup sensor, you want most of our system give the choice of 4 or 8 sensors, the difference is whether you want the sponsors on the front and back or just on one side of your vehicle.
The base sensor system includes 4 sensors, they can be placed in either the front or back of the vehicle.

All our aftermarket parking sensors will begin to beep at 8ft and the beeping will get faster as you get close to the object until it “flatlines” when you are 3 inches away.

Standard Parking Sensors

These sensors fit most bumpers (Other than metal bumper) and are available in all colors, those reverse sensors are very reliable and have a clean design and finish.

Parking Sensors Colors

Parking sensors

Exotic Color Names
Metalic Blue
Metalic Purple
Metalic Green
True Green
Sky Blue
Lambo Yellow

backup sensors

Standard Color Names
Dark Blue
Dark Green

aftermarket wireless parking sensor-2017

Wireless Parking Sensors

Wireless sensors systems have a range of 20ft (with option to extend to 35ft), the way these systems work is that all the sensors wire up to a “Brain” that will be located in the back of your vehicle and then broadcast to the display (or speaker) in the front of the vehicle.


Standard Sensor Speaker

This is our entry level speaker for our sensor system, it’s a solid device with no frills but you can hide it anywhere in the vehicle and you will hear the beeping.

speaker with volume

Luxury Speaker Adjustable Sound

This is our luxury speaker system, it has an adjustable volume control and a crisper high quality sound, you can set the volume low enough that only the front seat will hear it or loud enough that it will annoy everyone in the car, in any case, the sound will be pristine.

parking sensor display

Standard Display

This is our entry level display with sound, it will work with our 4-8 sensor systems and will display lights and numbers in addition to beeping while you are backing up.

parking sensor monitor

Slim Display

The slim display is very popular because it has all the features that the standard display has but its 50% slimmer and significantly brighter than its less expensive cousin. It very easy to mount above your mirror and its slim build makes it unnoticeable.

backup sensor car monitor

Brighter Display

The brighter display makes it work perfectly in direct sunlight but auto dims at night. It has 100s of LED and as you get closer to whatever your backing up into it will give you a very detailed Interpretation of what’s behind you, in addition, it still has the premium sound and numerical display that our other displays and speakers have

detailed monitor backup sensors

2.5-Inch Detailed Display

This display will show you an image of a generic car and will Interpret what’s is in front or behind you on the image of the car. The screen has a 2.5 viewable area and will work flawlessly in day or night. This sensor system can come with 4 or 8 sensors.

detailed monitor backup sensors

2.5-Inch Hi-Res Sensor Display

This is a great choice if you’re looking for something with more detail, this display will not only show if you are getting closer to an object in the front or rear of your vehicle, but rather where in the front or rear (i.e. rear drivers side corner instead of just the rear in general) it also features a backlight with alternating colors showing you from green to red how close you are getting to an object (in addition to the beeping of course)

detailed monitor backup sensors

2.7-Inch Hi-Def Heavy Duty Sensor Display

Includes all the above features but boast a larger screen with even higher resolution with brighter colors making it perfect for daytime or night time use (even in direct sunlight) it also comes in a heavy duty case making it our most durable parking sensor system available.


Clip-on Mirror Display

This is a popular parking sensor system because it’s a clip-on mirror with embedded LEDs that will do everything that our slim display does. But it will clip over you existing mirror and will look stock in the vehicle. The mirror itself is made of very high quality and will look like a regular mirror even when the sensor system isn’t activated.

backup Rubber sensors for vehicle Metal Bumper

Rubber sensors (Metal Bumper)

if you have a metal bumper (usually found in older cars and newer trucks) you need to upgrade to our rubber sensors, they are only available in black but they work wonderfully on metal bumpers. They are also very easy to install and if you like the style they will also work standard (non-metal bumpers


Under the bumper

This system is meant for commercial use as well as for people who don’t want to drill a hold on the face of their bumper. These sensors are very rugged because they hang below the bumper of your vehicle.

Magnetic parking Sensor Strip

Magnetic Sensor Strip

The magnet strip sensor system comes with an adhesive back that you insert behind your bumper this way it cannot be seen from the outside but it will sense everything along that strip. This is popular because there is no drilling needed and it has a little more coverage along the strip.

Stick-On Sensors

Stick-On Sensors

Stick on sensors are a perfect solution for vehicles that want sensors but don’t want to drill anything in their vehicle, they have all the features that our standard sensors have but they simply stick on to your bumper, just spread them evenly and your good to go.

the best flush-factory-parking-sensors

Factory Sensors (Flush)

The flush sensor system will install the same way a factory sensor gets installed in the bumper, you drill a small hole and a clasp will hold the bumper from the back but from the front it virtually invisible and you won’t see the sensor similarly to how it comes from the factory.

LED Sensors

This sensor has a beautiful LED built into the sensor that can be seen by those behind you when you are parking it’s an additional warning to those behind or in front of you in addition to looking very cool.

– In Reverse, they light up WHITE.
– When Braking they light up RED.
– Two Left sensors blink when turning left.
– Two Right sensors blink when turning right.
– Customizable colors can be programmed.
OBD Port parking Sensor System

OBD Port Sensor System

OBD Port allows you to have the sensors activate front or back when you go in reverse. It uses the brain located in your vehicle to give you extra accuracy and a faster response time when you are parking. The OBD port is standard in every car made after 1991 (Usually under the dash) and is very easy to install. It compatible with the above speakers or any of our sensor displays.