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The future has arrived. We live in a time of artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, and backflipping robots (I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords). Technology is moving at lightning fast speeds and our vehicles are on the fast track to the future. Okay, we don’t have flying cars yet (thanks for the disappointment, Back to the Future), but we have the next best thing: futuristic RVs. These modern RVs are straight out of a science fiction movie, right down to the sleek designs and high-tech gadgets. Check out these space age RVs for a futuristic voyage to the outdoors.

1. The Ecocapsule

It doesn’t get much more futuristic than this. The Ecocapsule looks more like something straight out of 2001: A Space Odyssey, especially the sleek egg shape. The unique shape actually serves a purpose, though, in that it helps minimize heat loss and collect rainwater. This eco-friendly space pod is a self-sustainable micro-home that’s powered by solar and wind energy. The surprisingly roomy Ecocapsule sleeps two and is equipped with techy features like a smart home system.

2. The sCarabane

Forget about pop ups tents. Nowadays, you can opt for a pop up trailer instead. The sCarabane is a foldable and roomy 420-square-foot camper trailer. The towable tiny-home takes about 30 minutes to unfold and includes two bedrooms, a front deck, and a circular stand. The sCarabane is a sustainable camper and is fueled by sun and wind energy. It’s so sustainable, in fact, that it actually goes sun tanning. That’s right: this nifty trailer actually rotates to follow the sun for maximum exposure.

3. Colim Concept

You won’t find many RVs with an eject button. But not all RVs are built like the ultra modern Colim Concept. It’s one part car, one part camper, and one part spaceship. The cockpit can actually disconnect from the living space so you can explore without lugging around the motor home. The interior also includes a kitchen and bedroom for two. The Colim Concept won’t win any awards for Best in Show, but you can’t beat its convenience.

4. The MercuryHouseOne

Looking to go off the grid? Step right into the MercuryHouseOne. This space age solar pod is outfitted with solar panels and is entirely self-sufficient. Designed by Architecture and Vision, this carefully crafted space vessel is decked out in modern features, from the lighting to the sound equipment. The customizable interior looks like a sleeping capsule from Passengers. Just don’t expect Jennifer Lawrence to join you on your next ride.

5. The Mehrzeller

It’s fitting that The Mehrzeller was created by a company named Nonstandard. This modern caravan is anything but. Dubbed “a new generation of mobile living”, this geometric caravan looks more like a Rubik’s cube than an RV. Once inside, however, you’ll find a spaceship design to go with amenities like a stove, dishwasher, and plasma TV. Want to know the craziest part? The Mehrzeller was actually designed by a computer.

6. Cricket Trailer

The Cricket Trailer looks like something you might find on a NASA space station. That’s because it was actually designed by NASA architect Garrett Finney. This mobile home closely resembles an astronaut’s confines, right down to the sleeping room and plumbing system. Despite its small stature, this handy trailer has a kitchen and comfortably sleeps a family of four.

7. The Kiravan

The Kiravan is like a cross between a satellite station and a ride in Disney’s Tomorrowland. The all-terrain vehicle was originally conceived by Bran Fern, a former “Imagineer” for Disney amusement parks. This massive 51,000 pound vehicle is built to endure the toughest of conditions. It has everything from 400-pound tires to 260 hp turbo-diesel engine. If there’s ever a zombie apocalypse, this is your ride.

8. The Floaterhome

You won’t find this design on the open market. The Floaterhome is the brainchild of road tripping couple John and Julie Gilham. They created this amphibious RV using outriggers, pontoons, and some serious ingenuity. It’s even more impressive when you consider the RV can go from land to sea in less than five minutes. Did I forget to mention that it has a Jacuzzi bathtub? Sign me up.

9. The Beauer 3X Trailer

You can’t make this stuff up. On the surface, the Beauer 3X Trailer looks like any other mini camper. That is until you consider that it expands to triple its size in less than 20 seconds. This accordion-inspired creation fits a ton of furniture inside a compact design. It includes a kitchen, dining room, bathroom and bedroom inside the 130 square foot interior. It’s like the Russian nesting doll of RVs.

10. Marchi Mobile eleMMent Palazzo Superior

What does your dream home look like? It doesn’t hold a candle to the Marchi Mobile eleMMent Palazzo Superior. This mobile mansion is filled to the brim with luxury toys that even Richard Branson would be proud.  It’s decked from floor to ceiling in things like a jet cockpit, automatic lift system, and a rooftop deck. Don’t get too excited. This futuristic RV comes with a cool $3 million price tag.

11. The GMC Pad

Let’s face it: city living is expensive. Many people are opting for a simpler lifestyle thanks to soaring rent prices (this guy knows what I’m talking about.) An affordable housing alternative was the inspiration behind the GMC Pad. This mobile home features a diesel-electric hybrid system that acts as a generator for going off the grid. The GMC Pad also comes with future-friendly features like electromagnetic suspension, solar cells, and of course, wi-fi.