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10/26/16 Published 15 hours ago

Tadi Brothers is an all around great shopping experience.

I ordered a license plate camera from Tadi Brothers and was disappointed when I received a call informing me that my purchase would be a week or so longer than expected as well as a few options to remedy the issue. Long story short: I received the camera and had a few questions during installation. I called 3 times with questions and each time I was talking to a tech rep within a minute of dialing, and each time the rep gave me easy to follow instructions. The camera and monitor are installed. They work great, and the staff at Tadi is a pleasure to work with. I know where I’ll shop if I decide I need a front facing camera.
Daniel Kimbro

“I actually upgraded to this Digital wireless backup system SKU 90113 from another wired system that I bought a couple of years ago and this is simply the best backup camera system I’ve ever had. Beautiful high definition picture with great colors. Flawless reception. No issues with their wireless – it comes on and stays on. Everything was already paired up and ready to go right out of the box. Easy installation and very reliable. Highly recommended.”

Paul Williams

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5.0 out of 5 starsHighly recommended. Excellent images using a wired (not wireless) system, and excellent customer service. By Gary S VINE VOICE on June 1, 2015

Verified Purchase
Very happy with my new camera, and glad I found this company. Originally I ordered a Peak PKC0BU4 4.3″ backup camera system from Amazon and needed to return it. The Peak camera hung down too low below the license plate strip, partially blocking the top of some license plate numbers. I risked being ticketed or pulled over by the police. This Tadi Brothers system did cost more, but it turned out to be exactly what I wanted. I carefully did my own install, needing to call Tadi customer service with a question. They answered my call within 6 minutes, far better than the totally unanswered calls I’ve read about at other companies. The image is very good in most day to dusk lighting and I am impressed, especially with such
a small camera. Even with IR assistance, images in nearly total darkness are understandably weak & blotchy, but acceptable when it comes to driving safety.
415x415-5-inch-monitor-with-license-plate-backup-cameraI suggest two things if you do your own install: Go to Radio Shack and get the blue wire clips when attaching your camera wire
(12V) to your car reverse light. I did the wired system, it has much less “stray signal” activity, compared with wireless. I also placed my camera wire in a split plastic tubing, available everywhere. It protects the wires from pinching. Also, the grid lines that overlap your rear image have no exact distance, you may need to figure that one out yourself, it depends on the angle of the camera and distance. Customer service was polite, helpful, and answered both my calls within 6 minutes. I highly recommend this camera system and Tadi Brothers.

Excellent product! Went with the wireless

By Jeremy Burnett on November 21, 2015

Verified Purchase

Excellent product! Went with the wireless, and hooked it up in a couple of hours. Instructions are simple and straightforward! The picture is very clear on the 7″ monitor! They sent the wrong camera initially, but shipped the correct one out the same day I called, and paid for the postage to send the wrong one back to them.

                                 What a Great product Amazing these cameras are crystal clear
        100x40-5starsBy Jim M on January 25, 2016

Verified Purchase


What a Great product Amazing these cameras are crystal clear. And the tech support at Tadibrothers is above and beyond what one would expect. The instructions were well thought out, i called them 1 time just to clarify on my end and amazing amazing Company highly recommend.

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