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RVs come in all shapes and sizes. For every classic Winnebago, you’re sure to find equally as many tiny homes, decked out school buses, and million dollar mobile mansions roaming the streets. RV owners are always looking for hacks, upgrades, and renovations to improve their home on wheels. The following RVers, however, take it one step further. These unique campers have shed traditional norms in favor of creating truly genius inventions, from a rolling tiki hut to an amphibious motorhome. Check out these truly unconventional RVs that will spark your creativity.

7. The Hula Hut

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What do you do when you can’t afford beachfront property? You bring the beach to you. At least, that’s what this RVer had in mind when they created an epic tiki hut out of their home on wheels. The Hawaiian-themed camper is like a cross between something you’d find in Moana and Breaking Bad. The owner even went so far as to deck out the island-friendly vehicle with hula skirt trimmings and a second-story tiki bar. All it’s missing is the roasted pig and fire dancers and you’ve got a perfect place for a luau.

6. The Treehouse Truck

This is what happens when a redneck is charged with the task of building his kids a treehouse. On the surface, this looks like any other rolling meth lab found in Arizona. But upon closer inspection, this renovation included quite a bit of ingenuity. The treehouse includes awnings, windows, a front door, and even an air vent. Plus, it can’t be easy to build a treehouse in a state that’s notoriously free of natural resources. Let’s just hope this camper remembered to install seat belts in this questionably safe…truck house?

5. The Floaterhome

Now I’ve seen everything. This “Floatherhome” is one part house, one part boat and one part RV. The genius design comes compliments of road tripping couple John and Julie Giljam. This amphibious motorcoach can go from land to sea in less than five minutes. The cabin comes complete with marine equipment, a computer panel and a backup camera. The rest of the RV is equally impressive, as its decked out in modern amenities including a jacuzzi bathtub. Take all my money, please.

4. Boeing 747 on Wheels

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a….motorhome? This custom-designed RV known as the Vaca2 was built to look like a Boeing 727. This idea probably looked better on paper, as this massive RV is more suited for a runway than rush hour. Still, you’ve got to give this RV credit. This behemoth has 18 rows and room for over 40 passengers looking to travel in style. This airplane limo even made its way into some airshows before being put up for sale on eBay. Let’s just say the price was more than an airline ticket.

3. The RV Monster Truck

This is what happens when a monster truck driver goes through an ugly divorce. This proud Western R.V. owner decided to convert his camper into a truck ready for the demolition derby, right down to the massive tires. Whether this driver is going through a midlife crisis, a rough patch, or a monster truck craze, you can’t argue with the results. No one is going to mess with this creation on the open road.  

2. The KiraVan

There aren’t many RVs that are equipped to withstand the inevitable zombie apocalypse. But most RVs aren’t like the KiraVan. This ultra powerful RV can withstand even the most rigorous of conditions. It has massive 400 pound tires and is even protected by Kevlar shield. If the spaceship cabin looks like something out of Tomorrowland, that’s because it is. This invention comes courtesy of former President of Research and Development at Walt Disney Imagineering Bran Ferren.

1. The Snowplow

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This RV brings new meaning to the term off-roading. No snowstorm can come between this driver and his destination. This RV is fully decked out in tracks that can help it glide along in even the strongest of blizzards. Clearly, this driver got fed up with pulling over thanks to wintery conditions. This is the perfect camper for the heart of winter. Just don’t try taking it on any dry roads.