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What do you think of when you hear the word RV? For some, it means hyper-functional campers for millennials and retirees. For others, it beckons images of million dollar mobile mansions that look like they belong on HGTV. Today, we’re talking about the less heralded group of RVers: rednecks. Rednecks are a staple in the RV community, known more for their blue-collar handiwork than they are luxury amenities. The following rednecks prove just that. These following RVs include everything from monster truck wheels to moonshine dispensers and show that rednecks can be a seriously creative bunch.

The Makeshift Treehouse

Oh, Arizona. The Grand Canyon State is often viewed as a redneck oasis, so much so that it’s been referred to as a “meth lab of democracy” by the legendary Jon Stewart. While this Arizonan trucker won’t win any awards for his RV remodel, you’ve got to give him points for creativity. It looks like he renovated his truck bed into a full scale playhouse for kids, right down to the makeshift windows, awnings, and front patio. This is what happens when you try to make a treehouse in a state without trees… or water. You can’t see the interior from the picture, but it’s safe to say this camper is no mobile millionaire.

Moonshine Mayhem

Warning: subtitles may be required. This proud redneck decided to transform his old pickup truck into a hybrid RV, lawnmower, and liquor dispenser. Don’t let the hillbilly accent fool you, this is a truly incredible feat of redneck engineering. The RV includes double fans, an outdoor sink, bottle opener and a moonshine dispenser conveniently located right underneath the steering wheel.

The Camper Boat

If your camper is a boat and your boat is a camper…you might be a redneck. This aging redneck decided that he didn’t need a boat to take his grandson out for a day on the water. Instead, he decided to convert a pop up camper into his own personal motorboat. This floaterhome may not be a speedboat, but hey, you can’t beat that front patio.

The Redneck Bachelor Pad

Talk about a remodel. This redneck decided to turn his 27 foot Hornet RV into a full-scale bachelor pad, right down to the elongated bed and personal gaming station. By removing things like the kitchen dinette and bunk beds, he was able to make room for essentials like a king-size memory foam bed and Miller Lite decor. The real treat, however, is the hidden gun chest underneath the bed. The whole video plays out like a redneck version of Pimp My Ride.

The RV Monster Truck

What do you get when you mix an old pickup truck, RV, and eight extra monster truck tires? This ungodly creation. This redneck clearly went to one too many monster truck rallies before deciding to convert his Western R.V. into a monster home on wheels. This is what it looks like when Grave Digger goes through a messy divorce and has to downsize. Let’s just hope this RV was put out of its misery at a demolition derby.

The Homemade Camper

This RV brings new meaning to the word “homemade.” This redneck RV remodel features a van with an added cabin and second story made of wood panels. The work in progress includes wood panels, support beams, a sleeping section, and built in tail lights. The whole thing looks like something out of The Beverly Hillbillies, but it’s (amazingly) completely street legal. Just don’t worry about the massive blind spots.

The Levitating RV

Now this is getting ridiculous. This RV trailer looks like either a work of art or a camouflaged meth lab. Located in the woods of Georgia, this camper is supported by six 10-foot tall support beams to protect it from roaming wildlife…or local policeman. Unfortunately, we can’t peek inside to see who’s living inside. But we can’t rule out that some sort of redneck Tarzan has taken up residency in this seriously funny RV.