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Mobile Car DVR with optional Rear View Camera System

Mobile DVR recorders for vehicles have become an indispensable part of any fleet. TadiBrothers designed all of our car video recorder products from the ground up so that they are reliable and easy to install. Some of our mobile DVR's work with solid state hard drives while others with SD cards, we sell both. When building your backup camera system you can decide which version is perfect for you but whichever you decide, they all contain tamperproof locks they are all shockproof so that they will continue to record in the most rugged of environments.

When configuring your mobile DVR back up camera system, keep in mind that all our car DVR systems can operate in many situations such as if you get into an accident or you can leave them on continuously while you're driving down the road and it will record in the loop.

>As for the backup cameras, any camera you see on our website will be compatible with our Mobile DVR's. If you want wireless or wired the performance and reliability are the same. Some people like to mix-and-match different cameras to fit their particular needs. For example, you can put a wired license plate camera on the back of your truck and three other wireless cameras on the back of your rig, this would make it easier for you to hitch your vehicle. While the other 3 cameras will give a full view of what is happening around you while you are going down the road not to mention the ease of changing lanes.

Please note all of our rear view cameras can be used as a backup camera as well as observation cameras, this means that you can watch them while you're driving down the road continuously. In addition, all of our cameras have military grade night vision which activates progressively as it gets darker outside, this means that you'll never need the fumble around looking for buttons and switches to turn on the night vision.

Whether you have a van, tractor trailer, RV or any type of vehicle that needs constant recording this is the solution for you. First choose the DVR then choose from our large assortment type of backup cameras, decide if you want it wired or wireless and you’re done. All of this can be done on the product page, just look for the “customize and upgrade” section at the top right of the page.

Whether you're looking for 1 system for your horse trailer or you're trying to outfit your entire fleet with the newest and best mobile DVR system we what you need. We have served and continue to serve hundreds of fleets around the country with destination and we have the reviews to prove it.

TadiBrothers provides instruction manuals and full-color diagrams explaining to you how to install the system, in addition, we have customer support located in Los Angeles ready to help with anything you might need. Buy with confidence TadiBrothers will always back you up.

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