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Parking Assist System with Moving Gridlines (OBD II)

Parking Assist System with Moving Gridlines (OBD II) - SKU55910

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Curb Alert System

Curb Alert System - SKU85911

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Truck Back Up Alarm

Truck Back Up Alarm - SKU55912


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If you live in the city, you probably do a fair amount of reverse and parallel parking, the two parking maneuvers that result in the most parking related accidents. That’s why it is important to outfit vehicles with intelligent parking systems from Tadibrothers. For over a decade, we have provided cutting edge intelligent parking systems such as curb alert systems, parking assist systems with moving grid lines, and backup alarms. To achieve the ultimate level of parking safety, combine all three of these systems in the same automobile. When you do, you will receive the following benefits of using intelligent parking systems.

Prevention of Tragic Accidents

Thousands of tragic accidents have occurred from children running behind vehicles as drivers parked. On many vehicles, the rear view mirror only allows drivers to see a few feet above the ground, leaving a massive blind spot. Equipping your vehicle with a backup alarm that alerts bystanders when you are backing up and a rear parking assist system that records what is behind the vehicle will help you avoid tragic accidents and the legal fallout they entail.

Less Wear On Tires

The tires on most vehicles are designed to drive on smooth pavement like the kind you find on city roadways, not to roll over the curbs you find near city sidewalks. When a car contains a curb alert system, the driver can avoid hitting curbs as he parallel parks, thus causing less wear on the vehicle’s tires. Today, installing a new set of tires commonly costs $500. By outfitting your automobile with a curb alert system, you can help keep its tires from wearing prematurely.

Prevention of Fender Benders

Fender benders -- minor accidents that cause superficial damage to the vehicles involved -- are the most common type of parking related accidents. If you have ever backed up your vehicle and felt the dreaded thud of hitting another vehicle, then you know how helpful intelligent parking systems can be. Fender benders routinely cause the party at fault hundreds of dollars in property damage coverage, and can lead to injury settlements that insurance doesn’t cover.

Lower Insurance Premiums

The more accidents you have in your vehicle, the higher your auto insurance premiums will be. Intelligent parking systems such as rear park assist systems will help you avoid parking accidents that result in a spike in premiums. In fact, some insurance companies offer lower insurance rates to drivers whose vehicles are outfitted with camera safety systems, as the companies know that these vehicles are less likely to be involved in auto accidents.

Faster Parking

Most drivers know how frustrating it can be to try to inch into a tight parking space along the street. When you equip your vehicle with a parking assist system that has moving grid lines, parallel parking becomes a cinch. A camera positioned on the rear of the vehicle maps the parking space and sends the data to screen mounted in the dash or on top of it. Just put your car in reverse and use the map on the screen to simplify difficult parallel parking maneuvers.

Start Driving Safer Today

For over a decade, Tadibrothers has sold intelligent parking systems that help prevent tragic accidents, reduce tire wear, prevent fender benders, keep insurance premiums in check, and help drivers park faster. If you need assistance with reverse or parallel parking, equipping your vehicle with one of our rear park assist systems will help. For the greatest safety and ease of parking, equip your car with curb alert system, park assist system, and backup alarm.

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