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Motorcoach Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor

Motorcoach Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor - SKU991110

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RV Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor

RV Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor - SKU9932801

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Most drivers don’t think of low tire pressure as a driving hazard, but insufficient pressure in tires is responsible for thousands of accidents each year. To monitor the tire pressure of their vehicle, most people use an old fashioned tire pressure gauge you apply to the inflation value of a tire. However, because using the gauge requires going to each tire and reading them separately, most people don’t take pressure readings as often as they should.

The easiest solution is mounting a remote tire pressure gauge from Tadibrothers inside your vehicle. Instead of having to check the pressure of each tire manually, you can mount a tire pressure monitor system in your vehicle and read the pressure of each tire at all times. All you need to do to get the following benefits is unscrew the valve cap on each tire, replace it with a screw on pressure sensor, and install the pressure monitor somewhere in your vehicle.

Prevent Deadly Accidents

We typically think of deadly accidents as being caused by drunk driving, bad weather, and other serious impositions to safe driving. But tragic accidents can also result from something as banal as an underinflated tire. When the pressure of the tire gets too low, it can easily rupture when the vehicle hits a pothole, or come off the tire rim when the automobile takes a sharp turn. In either case, the car partially loses its ability to grip the pavement and can veer into oncoming traffic.

Prevent Flat Tires

As mentioned above, insufficiently inflated tires can easily deflate when the vehicle hits a bump or takes a sharp turn. In addition to potentially causing a deadly collision, getting a flat tire while driving could also expose you to danger while you are changing the tire. Each year, thousands of people are hit as they attempt to change tires along busy roadways, and many of them die instantly. Using a tire pressure gauge from Tadibrothers can help increase your personal safety.

Reduce Tire Expense

Car tires routinely cost over $100 each; if your vehicle has designer tires, each tire could cost several times that much. High-quality new tires should drive for several thousand miles before they need to be replaced, but when they are poorly inflated, they seldom last that long. In addition to predisposing tires to go flat, low tire pressure can also cause them to wear unevenly. Regardless of the kind of tires your car has, keeping them properly inflated will extend their life.

Monitor the Pressure of Spare Tires

You can also use a tire pressure monitor system to monitor the pressure of spare tires. By purchasing an extra system and mounting one of the pressure sensors on a spare tire, you can ensure that it stays properly inflated in case you need it. If you have an all terrain vehicle that has room for one or more spare tires, having an extra system to monitor pressure in the spares can be well worth it, especially if you enjoy going offroading.

Start Driving Safer Today

Underinflated tires can lead to deadly accidents, cause drivers to be injured as they change tires roadside, and lead to expenses such as tire repair and towing fees. Implementing a tire pressure monitor system from Tadibrothers can keep these things from happening. Instead of checking tire pressure manually, you can check it by conveniently looking at a tire pressure gauge that is mounted inside the vehicle. Get a tire pressure monitor and start driving safer today!

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