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ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance System

ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance System - SKU54188


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Blind Spot System

Blind Spot System - SKU55899


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Installing a blind spot monitor aftermarket equips your vehicle with the technology it needs to change lanes safely. Each year, thousands of vehicles have accidents while changing lanes. In many cases, this is because the vehicles have blind spots on either side that make it difficult to see whether a vehicle is in the neighboring lane. Regardless of why a vehicle has blind spots, the important thing is to eliminate them by installing a blind spot monitor aftermarket. With a blind spot monitor installed, automobiles can change lanes safely and prevent accidents due to blind spots.

Equal to Factory Option

Many luxury cars come with a factory installed blind spot monitor that detects when unseen vehicles are in neighboring lanes. On many models, the sensors are mounted beneath the side mirrors and indicate it is safe to change lanes by blinking a small luminescent light. This is how the blind spot monitor aftermarket system from Tadibrothers operates. After the system is installed on the underside of each mirror, it looks and operates like it came from the automaker.

Avoid Tragic Accidents

Lane change accidents seldom involve hard collisions. However, the accidents often occur at a high rate of speed and send one or more vehicles careening out of control after the hit. There are several situations in which lane change accidents have caused tragic pileups that claimed lives. More tragic still, many of these accidents occurred after a driver checked the lane he was entering and thought no vehicle was there. This is why cars need a blind spot sensor system.

Prevents Vehicular Damage

Installing a blind spot monitor aftermarket does more than help prevent tragic accidents; it also helps you avoid damaging your vehicle. If you have a classic automobile whose parts can’t be easily replaced, protecting it with a blind spot sensor is a great idea. Even if your vehicle is a popular domestic model that almost everyone seems to own, outfitting it with a blind spot system is still worth it. The more accidents a vehicle is in, the less it is worth as a used automobile.

Keeps Insurance Premiums Low

Nothing causes your auto insurance premiums to skyrocket like auto accidents that are your fault. In most cases, traffic law views changing lanes and colliding with another vehicle as encroaching on that vehicle’s territory, which means the lan changer’s insurance carrier pays for the damage. By investing a few hundred dollars in buying and installing a blind spot monitor aftermarket, you can avoid accidents that could lead to significant hikes in insurance premiums.

Makes Your Car Attractive to Buyers

While it may not increase the monetary value of your vehicle, installing a blind spot monitor aftermarket can make your car more attractive to prospective buyers when you are ready to sell it. If you prefer to drive your vehicle for a few years, and then liquidate it while the value is still high, a blind spot sensor can be an important selling point that helps distinguish your car from a sea of other used vehicles. Anything that helps improve safety is a great selling point.

Start Driving Safely Today

Changing lanes is one of the most dangerous maneuvers drivers commonly make. Because vehicles have blind spots on the sides that make it difficult to see whether a vehicle is driving in the next lane, drivers unwittingly make lane changes and hit other drivers in the process. Installing a blind spot sensor from Tadibrothers that senses whether cars are in neighboring lanes can prevent this from happening. Get a blind spot monitor and start driving safer today!

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