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We have the largest selection of backup camera kits to fit any industry. TadiBrothers has been providing commercial and industrial fleets with rear view backup camera systems since 2003. We have worked with 100s of municipalities and continues to proudly support many fire trucks companies around the world by providing them the most reliable rear view camera equipment available today.

TadiBrothers has sold backup cameras to fleets in all 50 states and that doesn’t include the many division of the US Military that carry our products. If we customize it for them, we can customize it for you.

We have a top notch backup camera wholesale department that has decades of experience ready to help you find what your fleet needs. We also work with many logistics companies and make sure to send you multiple samples until we get the perfect configurations, we know what many logistic companies and government organizations have a lot of bureaucratic red tape, we’ve been doing this for many years have become very efficient in cutting through it.

A lot of our customer have purchased our rear view mobile DVR systems or even our more basic backup wireless camera kits and were able to offset the price with a substantial reduction in their insurance cost. Obviously, the prices on our website to do not reflect bulk purchase discounts, when you call us we will make every effort to work within your budget.

We pride ourselves in never doing the “Hard sell” and always giving you the most reliable information.

For over 10 years we have been treating our clients (Large or Small) as a family, we hope to have the opportunity to make you part ours as well.

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