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RV Backup Camera 3 Pack (Birds Eye View)

SKU45909 - In Stock


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RV Backup Camera 3 Pack (Birds Eye View)



RV Backup Camera 3 Pack (Birds Eye View) - SKU45909

About this RV backup camera

rear-view camera

Simple design makes it easy to install


The RV Box cameras are meant to be placed on the roof or the back of your vehicle (Usually RV, Van or Trailer) This series of trailer cameras are built on a u-bracket frame that will allow you a 180-degree range of motion. All our trailer cameras come with the default features of standard definition (CMOS), 120- Degree horizontal view, Night Vision, and Black housing. But all those features can be customized and configured to fit your exact needs by using the customize and upgrade section at the top right of the page.

Please note: that all the cameras here can double as observation cameras which mean you can leave them on continuously while you’re driving down the road or changing lanes.

These cameras can also be upgraded to be the best wireless RV cameras available today with a minimum range of 70ft up to 225ft depending on the options you choose at the top right of the page.

if you have a system made by Furrion, Weldex, Voyager, Clarion, Sony, etc. that system can be adapted to work with your existing wiring or fit in your existing housing with our universal adapters. After you put your system in the cart, search the name of the manufacturer (i.e. Furrion) in our search bar and then add those adapters to your cart (usually the camera and monitor each requires an adapter), if you need help or advice don’t hesitate to call us.

Different types of RV Cameras for you to choose from

backup camera viewing angles

What do the angles mean?

Standard RV Box Camera

Is a bird’s eye view camera on a u-bracket that is meant to be mounted on the top of your roof and pointed backwards. It has a standard lens with night vision.

Heavy Duty RV Camera
Is built with a robust commercial grade metal casing that will withstand the harshest of environments (Hot and Cold) it has a static sun shield that gives it a very sturdy build. This is a very popular camera in the commercial fleet industry.

Heated Box Backup Camera

Has all the features and potential upgrades of our standard box camera but it also includes a built-in heated lens which makes it the perfect backup camera for snow plows and salt trucks.

Double Lens Trailer Camera

Is the perfect addition to any large (Long) vehicle, with 2 lenses in a single adjustable housing, you can have the best of both worlds. You can point 1 lens at the hitch and the 2nd lens down the road. Both cameras (Like all our backup cameras) can be on continuously while you are driving day or night.

Compact Mini RV Backup Camera perfect for Furrion housing

This rearview camera is designed with a high-resolution lens (Upgrade to CCD for enhanced night visions), ensuring that your picture quality is never obstructed. Additionally, the 120° viewable angle enables you to easily adjust your visual aspect as needed.

RV Camera with 30-degree narrow view
This bird's eye view camera has been very popular with people who need a camera pointed at engine dials or just need to focus on a narrow specific item.

Overhang Rear View Camera

This camera is placed on the roof of your vehicle and pointed backward, the long neck allows your camera to be pointed directly at your hitch but it is on a ball which allows you to also point it down the road. This is a very popular backup camera with school buses and is great if you are concerned with rear view safety.


For more information about our variety of observation cameras please click here to see our BACKUP CAMERA GUIDE

Upgrades can be added by using our “customize and upgrade” section at the top right of the page.

Click Here for our most popular RV backup camera systems


What's in the box

RV backup camera replacement

You get everything you see here

1. Standard quality RV Box backup camera
2. 120 degree waterproof backup camera (Simple install)
3. 15 foot cables needed for installation
4. All cables needed are included in the package
5. Instruction Manual

Get the Best Backup Cameras from TadiBrothers
If you want to make a responsible decision that could prevent avoidable accidents, consider ordering a quality backup camera from TadiBrothers. We are well-known for selling top-of-the-line products without the premium price tag, and we specialize in cameras, so you can be sure that you are buying from a reputable source, not a chain store just looking to make an easy profit. Our 30-day money-back guarantee allows you to buy confidently. Order a 120° RV Backup Camera online today!


RV Backup Camera 3 Pack (Birds Eye View) - SKU45909
More Info
Weight (Lbs)
Backup camera connectivity Wired
Backup camera style Roof Angle (Birds eye view)
Cameras Viewable Angle 120°


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