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Cell Phone Dash Camera (iPhone or Android) (TBCM5)

Wifi Camera for Iphone or Android
Wifi Camera for Iphone or Android
Wifi Camera for Iphone or Android
Wifi Camera for Iphone or Android
Wifi Camera for Iphone or Android
Wifi Camera for Iphone or Android
Wifi Camera for Iphone or Android


Cell Phone Dash Camera (iPhone or Android) (TBCM5) - SKU56920

About this Dash Cam

Dash Cam

Camera mounts behind mirror

This is a Dash Camera of the future. It records everything it sees while driving down the road and stores it. Then, when you turn on your cellphone it downloads all the pictures and videos to your phone. You can also press down on the button included and it takes a snapshot or a video. That info is recorded onto the SD card. You can then either download it to your phone wirelessly from the camera or you can take out the SD card and plug it into any computer to download the files. You can also stream video to your cellphone using the app.

The camera has a SHARE feature which is great. You can instantly post your photos to Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media site.

This Dash Camera mounts near your mirror. You save the space and it looks great because of the small and sleek size.

This TadiBrothers Dash Camera also automatically records when starting up. So every time you start your car and start driving its working for you, giving you the peace of mind and security of your Dash Cam. The camera will say "Hello" so you know its starting up as the car starts.

This Dash Camera has an HD camera (1920 x 1080P). It can also continusly charge while recording so you are never without your camera.

This Dash Camera can also record in an emergency situation. There is a G Sensor so if there is an accident the camera automatically knows it and it records so you have everything recorded and saved on the camera.

There is also a "camera" mode so you can take photos instead of video. The video and photos can have time stamps as well its up to you. There are plenty of great features this product has such as Auto Shutdown mode as well as many others.

You can record anything you want, from your cars to your children. It will record everything your camera sees and it will retain that information for you. The ultimate safety net!

More you should know

Dash Cam

Mount this button on your steering wheel or anywhere you want

This dash cam also has a function to recording in regular mode in case you do not want HD mode. You can also change the quality between 3 settings.

The camera records in 2, 5, or 15 minute cycle so you can decide how much you want looped and at what quality. It can also loop in full 8 hour cycles.

You can also download the information to your computer for save keeping.

What's in the box
Dashboard Camera
       You get everything seen here

1. Dash Camera
2. Suction Cup Mount
3. All cables needed are included in the package
4. Cigarette Lighter adapter
5. Instruction Manual

The TadiBrothers promise:

30 Days 100% money back guarantee. We know our products are world class and we stand by them 100%. We even have a 24/7 tech team ready for any questions you have. Buy with confidence the TadiBrothers team won’t let you down.down.

All of our products come with a Standard 1 year warranty.
At TadiBrothers we also offer an Extended Protection Plan. With the extended protection if anything goes wrong, including you damaging your system, we will replace it with a brand new system at no cost. This protection covers anything and everything..


Cell Phone Dash Camera (iPhone or Android) (TBCM5) - SKU56920
More Info
Weight (Lbs)
Audio Yes
Battery High quality Lithium battery
Camera Single
HD Display Lens Yes
Motion Detection Yes
Nightvision Mode Yes
Records during charging Yes
Resolution 1920 x 1080P
SOS Emergency Button Yes
Wide Angle Telephoto Lens Yes
Working Temperature 0-40C
Works with Smart Phone Yes


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