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Kia Backup Camera System

Kia Backup Camera System
Kia Backup Camera System
Kia Backup Camera System
Kia Backup Camera System

About This KIA Backup Camera System and Module

rear view camera kia

Works with your stock monitor



This KIA backup camera system is specifically optimized for your KIA car. The module for this system can be installed directly into your pre-existing dash monitor. The backup camera system will automatically start as soon as you put the KIA into reverse, and turn off when you begin driving forward. Once installed, your backup camera module will function no differently than one stalled in the factory.


This camera has a 120° angle of view, meaning the image you see on your monitor is nearly the same as if you were sitting on the bumper and looking yourself. TadiBrothers offers other cameras with an expanded field of vision. However, the screen ratio of monitors will create a kind of “fish-eye” look to the video image.


The backup camera for your KIA is installed over the license plate, thereby providing the ideal angle. The size of the camera itself is very small, so there is no need to worry about a new camera looking too conspicuous or altering the aesthetics of your car.


Because the installation itself is so easy, you can avoid the high costs that a dealership would charge! And remember, this system will look and function exactly the same as a factory-installed backup camera system.


If you would prefer to avoid worrying about cables, this model backup camera can also be purchased as a wireless system.

Other Important Details
Backup System KIA

You can also connect this to anything with an RCA connection

If you are curious to see all your options, check out our backup camera systems specific to the make, model and year of your KIA.  We stock a wide range of cameras, so you can be sure to find the right size, right price and right features for exactly what you want.


This backup camera, and many others that we offer, provides some truly helpful features:


·      Full-Color Video, allowing for details that black-and-white video may make more difficult to notice, such as whether a line is white or yellow.


·      Night Vision featuring the same technology that the military uses.


·      Durable Materials built to last no matter what weather conditions you may be driving in.


This backup camera system contains a module allowing you to connect to a pre-existing screen in your car. However, you can also purchase an external monitor if you prefer. TadiBrothers stocks a wide range of monitors in numerous screen sizes and with lots of different options.


When you are browsing through all the different products on our site, keep this in mind: Everything is compatible. We test all our products ourselves prior to stocking them, and we can say with certainty that every monitor works with every camera and so on.

Alternative to this Module
This module is very easy to install and comes with wonderful installation manuals and diagrams, we also offer FREE and unlimited USA based tech support for you or your installer. However, pulling out your dash screen or crawling under your dashboard can sometimes get tricky, for that reason and sometimes for minor esthetic reasons, we always recommend getting this module installed by a professional.

As an alternative, if you are looking for something less expensive and easier to install, we recommend you consider our full backup camera systems. This is a complete backup system that includes a monitor and rear view camera, usually at half the price of this module. Keep in mind that typically, our screens are higher resolution of what you get with your stock navigation system. 

Please check our less expensive rear view systems or feel free to call our associates anytime, we're always glad to help


Inside The Box
backup system kia

Just plug it in


1.     The Module to connect to your car’s stock system

2.      The backup camera (optional)

3.     All cables required for installation

4.     Detailed instruction manual


At TadiBrothers, we’ve made a commitment to ensuring that all our customers enjoy the perfect products for what they’ve been looking for. Because of this, we offer the TadiBrothers 30-Day 100% money-back guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your KIA backup camera, module or any other purchase from TadiBrothers.com, we’ll refund your purchase and help you find exactly what you want. 

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Kia Backup Camera SystemKia Backup Camera System

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