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License Plate Backup Camera with night vision

Frontal view of the standard license plate backup camera. Great for cars, trucks, RVs, trailers, campers, 5th wheels, and many more. SKU16139 Frontal view of the standard license plate backup camera. Great for cars, trucks, RVs, trailers, campers, 5th wheels, and many more. SKU16139
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  • Frontal view of the standard license plate backup camera. Great for cars, trucks, RVs, trailers, campers, 5th wheels, and many more. SKU16139
  • Frontal view of the standard license plate backup camera. Great for cars, trucks, RVs, trailers, campers, 5th wheels, and many more. SKU16139
  • Standard license plate backup camera dimensions: 7-10 in. length/mounting points, 1 in. H
  • A 15 foot cable is included with the standard license plate back up camera
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License Plate Backup Camera with night vision
  • Color
  • Military Grade Night Vision
  • On while driving or in reverse
  • 100% Weatherproof
  • Mounts on License Plate
  • Reverse image (Mirrored Image)

About this license plate backup camera

license plate backup camera

Simple design makes it easy to install

Automobile accidents can happen anytime without warning, but there are ways to reduce the chances of them happening to you. Many accidents occur because a careless driver could not see where they were going due to a blind spot. Most vehicles do not have ideal visibility, but some are much worse than others. If you drive a large vehicle like an RV, having at least a backup camera is essential. It only takes one lapse in judgment or an obstacle to your vision to cause an expensive and potentially dangerous accident.

We Carry Affordable Backup Cameras
There was a time when a License Plate Backup Camera was considered a luxury item, but those days are gone. Today, these devices are considered standard on any large vehicle, and many motorcycle, car, SUV and truck owners have started using them too. The reasoning behind this is simple – using a backup camera makes your vehicle that much safer. Today's cameras are surprisingly affordable, so there really is no reason to continue just hoping for the best. Installing a backup camera is a simple way to prevent accidents, making it a sound investment that will inevitably pay for itself.

We Sell Only First-Rate Products
Shopping for a new backup camera can be a daunting task. After all, there are so many brands, models and retailers out there. Savvy customers consistently choose Tadi Brothers for their License Plate Backup Camera needs, because they know that we keep our inventory stocked with nothing less than the best products on the market. If you want to be sure that you are getting the best for your dollar, order one of our cutting-edge products today. You can purchase a backup camera worry-free, as we offer a generous 30 days to return or exchange it if you change your mind.

More you should know

backup camera monitor

Works with all our monitors

Durability Is Key
So what makes our License Plate Backup Camera the best? There are quite a few answers to that question. First of all, these cameras can take a hit. You never know when you might catch some debris flying by, and our cameras are made to be tough enough to handle whatever gets thrown at it. The weatherproof casing ensures that even the rainiest night won't prevent its use. This durable camera is definitely in it for the long haul.

High-End Features
Toughness is one thing, but performance is just as critical. Fortunately our License Plate Backup Camera has the goods on the inside too. You can expect crystal clear image quality, so that you never have to second-guess your next move. The color display provides you with vivid visuals. Mirrored image makes transitioning from standard mirrors to a monitor seamless and familiar. Our cameras are intuitive, simple to install, and they just feel right. You don't need to be technically savvy to be able to enjoy this user-friendly technology.

Customize Your System to Fit Your Needs
Many drivers prefer to use a complete camera system for maximum visibility. This is especially important if you are driving a vehicle like an RV or bus with limited visibility. At Tadi Brothers, we have plenty of different kinds of cameras to choose from, all of which are compatible with each other. You can have a backup camera, front end camera and two side cameras all active. You can even set them up for simultaneous viewing, or you can choose to switch between them by pressing a button on the monitor.

What's in the license plate rear view camera box
license plate backup camera system

You get with the license plate camera everything you see here

1. Standard quality license plate backup camera
2. 120 degree waterproof backup camera (Simple install)
3. 15 foot cables needed for installation
4. All cables needed are included in the package
5. Instruction Manual

Expect Exceptional Service from Tadi Brothers
If you have any questions about our License Plate Backup Camera or any of our other vehicle cameras, please do not hesitate to give us a call at (866) 966-5550. Our knowledgeable staff is always happy to help you in any way possible, at any time of day or night. When you shop at Tadi Brothers, you get more than great bargains and quality products. Our dedicated staff is committed to making your shopping experience positive in every way. Order online today through our secure website.

License Plate Backup Camera with night vision-SKU16139

More Info
Weight (Lbs) 1
AGC Automatic
Contrast Ratio 250:1
Electronic Shutter 1/60 ~ 1/10,000 Second
Integrated sun shield No
Backup camera connectivity Wired
Backup camera style License Plate
Camera Housing Color Black
Camera Water Resistant Yes
Camera White Balance Automatic
Cameras Viewable Angle 120°
Circumference Camera 1''
Dimensions 10"(W) X 0.5"(D) X 1"(H)
Dual Backup camera compatible Yes
Installation Cables Included Yes
Internal Microphone No
Mirrored Image Yes
Night Vision Yes
Night Vision Viewable Distance 25ft
Operating temperature -40C to + 133C
Power Supply 12 Volt DC
Quad Compatibility Yes
Storage temperature -20C+65C
Type of Connection RCA
Type of lense Cmos
Installation Cables Included Yes
Material Hard Plastic
Operating temperature 0C to + 133C
Power Supply 12 Volt DC
Remote control Included No
Storage temperature -20C+65C
Split screen Compatibility Yes

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Tadibrothers Review: 5/16/2015 Lincoln Blake

Good camera for the price
Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

"I am satisfied with this camera, it was not expensive and it does exactly what was promised it has good night vision and good daytime picture."

Tadibrothers Review: 5/6/2014 Xavier Parker

Good for my mini Cooper
Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

" I recently purchased a mini Cooper and despite its size I noticed that there is an much visibility in the back, after spending all this money on the car the last thing I wanted was to buy an expensive camera so I purchased this camera with a 3.5 inch monitor. So far it is solve my visibility issues I'm very happy with it and quite honestly people think it looks neat. I recommend this for people that have cars low visibility to good camera and reliable "

Tadibrothers Review: 4/4/2014 Alex Thompson

Great picture for a license plate camera
Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

" I have been using the camera for over three months so far I am satisfied, my only complaint is that the charge me extra to get the grid lines. I do find them very useful but I don't think I should've been charged extra. However I am still very happy with the camera and I recommend other people to try it."

Tadibrothers Review: 2/15/2014 Austin Goldberg

Good camera, customer for life
Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

" During last Christmas my wife surprised me by purchasing me a back up camera system, at first I wasn't really sure I was going to I wanted to install it but I'm very happy that I did the night vision is amazing in the daytime pictures great and so far it's been through a car wash is without any issues and let's not forget the heavy rain that we have you in my area. The winter went by great snow did not affected and overall I'm very happy with the product. Since December I've purchased for more of the systems for two of my friends and my kids I am very happy with this and I think everybody should have a back up camera I'm surprise it is in a lot already. I am just happy that it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg to make people safer "

Tadibrothers Review: 2/16/2013 Terri (Pasadena, MD )

Great picture and nightvision
Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

"Was very impressed by this camera, I had bought a new hyundai which didn't come with a back up camera like my previous volvo had had, after doing extensive research I found tadi brothers and they helped me find what I needed. It was very simple to installs the instructions were very straight forward, I ran into one issue with the install which tech support assisted me with and all it happened to be was a loose wire."

Tadibrothers Review: 10/6/2012 Jason Nolan

Good license plate camera
Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

" When I first got the camera it didn't look right when I was driving it was first then I called the service department and they recommended that I put the camera on the bottom instead of on top of the license plate. It's fixed the problem right away and I got exactly the perspective that I've wanted the cameras also proven to be quite durable considering the low price. I've been through for carwashes and it still works great. I have read the competitors cameras get water inside of them but I have not seen this happened here yet. "

Tadibrothers Review: 9/3/2012 Gil (Los Angeles, CA )

Works great in all weather!
Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

"I was recently driving in a torrential downpour, I was afraid this was going to have a negative affect on the camera. It did not whatsoever, I was able to see everything just fine. The camera has an auto adjust on it so no matter how bright or dark it gets it automatically adjusts to it. Great product and very easy install"

Tadibrothers Review: 12/6/2011 Colin Brody

Fast install
Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

" I needed a simple camera that was easy to install, this camera does the trick I called them up and they recommended I get this because I did not want to spend a lot of money but I wanted to solid camera that were consistently. I'm very happy with the results "

Frontal view of the standard license plate backup camera. Great for cars, trucks, RVs, trailers, campers, 5th wheels, and many more. SKU16139Frontal view of the standard license plate backup camera. Great for cars, trucks, RVs, trailers, campers, 5th wheels, and many more. SKU16139

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Just wanted to express my appreciation for your technical group. They have patiently listened to this old dinosaur, and worked with me until we got to a very acceptable result. My 39 foot fifth wheel had what appeared to me to be issues, Your team resolved and taught me how to get it right. Good Job, Thank you. .
Clyde -
Relatively simple installation, if you're handy and able to follow YouTube videos on getting into the Mini dash. One weird and seemingly unresolvable thing: if your Mini has the Park Assist option, PA and the backup camera will 'compete' for the screen when you shift into reverse. Camera always prevails, but there is generally a quick flash of the PA screen just before the camera screen. This bothered us, since it really looked 'aftermarket.' Tech support was helpful, but offered no ultimate fix. Best solution was to deactivate the PA system by pulling its fuse. The excellent camera view with grid is a more than effective trade-off.
Kevin -