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Mitsubishi Lancer Backup Camera (with optional monitor)

SKU19923 - In Stock


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Mitsubishi Lancer Backup Camera (with optional monitor)



About this Backup Camera and Module


Simple design makes it easy to install


The Backup Camera is mounted by embedding it inside the specific car housing for a clean and secure look. It will not plug into your stock indash monitor system, but we supply monitors that can be placed anywhere such as the Visor, Dash, Mirror, etc. These monitors can be made to look stock and unnoticable. When you buy it from us you will avoid the extremly high prices at the dealers and it will look the same and will have the superior quality.

We also have MODULES that plug INTO your navigation system. This means you use YOUR stock monitor with our camera. Its looks exactly like it did from the factory. Simply go to the Car Specific Section of our site and find your car, we have them all! You can also click on the related products to the right of this text to go directly to the item.

The camera has a 120° angle which is best viewing angle. With 120° everything behind the vehicle can easily be seen, it is also color, waterproof and has military grade night vision. The camera is also durable for use in the roughest weather conditions. This camera will install for the ideal view of the road behind you.

Keep in mind with this camera the system will look like it was stock Mitsubishi Backup Camera right from the factory.

About this system


Will look stock like a MItsubishi Rear View Camera

Use the drop down menus on the right to choose the options for your system. You can choose any of our monitors, all of them work with this Mitsubishi Backup Camera. You can also make the camera wireless so it will work wirelessly and there will be no need to run a cable throughout your vehicle.

Put any compatibility issues aside. With the TadiBrothers promise you have our 30 day guarantee to return the item for an exchange or a full refund. By the way, all our cameras monitor, and car DVD players purchased from TadiBrothers are always compatible with each other. So feel free to mix and match to create your own ultimate vehicular system. (Ask us about our 4-8 cameras split screen options for security, buses, or RVs)

More you should know about monitors


Choose a monitor to go with your camera


Here at TadiBrothers we have many options for montors. We have Monitors that sit on the dash, Mirror monitors that clip over the mirror and are fully reflective when the camera is not active. We also have monitors that take the place of the visor in your Mitsubishi.

Our LCD monitors are very light as well as thin so they sit on your dash and look great. In addition, it has two video inputs so you can connect a camera and a game system or DVD player, it can also be powered by a cigarette lighter adapter. Super easy installation and see the whole world behind you in rich colors.

The Mirror monitor doubles as a regular mirror, when the camera is off, and a monitor (7” viewable) when the camera is on. Remember, even when the camera is on you can still use the parts of the mirror section that remain a mirror. In addition, it has two video inputs so you can connect a camera and a game system or DVD player. This mirror monitor is compatible with all our cameras and any car; it connects to any power source or a cigarette lighter. This mirror mounts by clamping on your current mirror and the clamps are adjustable so it will fit all cars.

Finally there is the visor monitor. It simply takes the place of your current visor and comes in three different colors. You can connect two cameras to this as well as a DVD player or video game system. It can also be powered by our cigarette lighter adapter or you can power it somewhere inside the headliner, any 12V will work.

All these options can be found on the right of the item using the dropdown menu. If you already have an aftermarket Navigation monitor or radio with a screen such as Pioneer, JVC, Sony, Alpine, and more, you can connect our cameras to any of those, its fully compatible.

What's in the box


You get everything you see here

1. Hi-Res quality Mitsubishi Backup Camera
2. 120 degree Hi-Res view (Simple install)
3. 15 foot cables needed for installation
4. All cables needed are included in the package
5. Instruction Manual

The TadiBrothers promise:

30 Days 100% money back guarantee. We know our products are world class and we stand by them 100%. We even have a 24/7 tech team ready for any questions you have. Buy with confidence the TadiBrothers team won’t let you down.

All of our products come with a Standard 1-year warranty.
At TadiBrothers we also offer an Extended Protection Plan. With the extended protection if anything goes wrong, including you damaging your system, we will replace it with a brand new system at no cost. This protection covers anything and everything.


Mitsubishi Lancer Backup Camera (with optional monitor) - SKU19923
More Info
Weight (Lbs)
AGC Automatic
Anodized black finish Yes
Brand Mitsubishi
Camera Resolution 420 TV Lines
Contrast Ratio 250:1
Length of Cable Included 15ft
Minimum Illumination (LUX) 0.2
Rugged die cast aluminum housing Yes
Backup camera connectivity Wired CMOS
Camera Water Resistant Yes
Camera White Balance Automatic
Installation Cables Included Yes
Night Vision Yes
Operating temperature -40C to + 133C
Weather Proof Yes
Weather Proof Insulated Cable Yes


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Give us a call at (866) 966-5550 we can help you with any other questions or concerns


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      Prime Day Special: $ 94.99
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