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Wireless CCD License Plate Backup Camera and Mirror Monitor

This wireless license plate backup camera system comes standard with our hi-definition CCD license plate camera in either black or silver. It features a 120 degree field of view and mounts directly on to any North American style license plate with or without a frame. We also have versions available that have a metal frame integrated into the camera housing. For those who prefer a low-profile design or reside in a state that prohibits anything covering the license plate, we have a concealed version with a bracket that slips behind the plate for mounting.

This system also comes with a full color mirror monitor available in 7 or 9 Inch. These are clip-on style mirrors that attach securely to your existing mirror with spring loaded rubber clips.

The VHF wireless transmitters that are included are rated at up to a 70 foot distances. For larger vehicles, we recommend upgrading to our UHF digital transmitters rated at over 100 feet.