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Full Mirror with Wired License Plate Backup Camera Systems

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The crystal clear full replacement mirror monitor is a perfect addition to any driver that needs assistance backing up. See the whole world behind you in rich colors. This mirror functions as a regular mirror regardless of whether the camera is off and on, with the 4.3” monitor inlaid over part of the mirror when the camera is on. Even when the camera/monitor on the mirror still functions as normal.

Additional mirror functions include auto dimming, temperature sensors for both inside and outside the vehicle, and a compass directional display (N,S,E,W).

In addition, it has two video inputs so you can connect a camera and a game system or DVD player. This mirror monitor is compatible with all our cameras and any car; it connects to any power source or a cigarette lighter. This mirror takes the place of the original mirror rather than clamping on like our other mirrors. The mirror also has an auto dimming feature. When installing the mirror it fits right onto the spot your current mirrors rests.
The Black License Plate camera is mounted by screwing your current license plate screws through its brackets; it’s a very simple installation. The camera can also be adjusted by angling the camera up or down so you can get the perfect view for your car. The CCD lens is the clearest and highest quality camera Tadibrothers sells. There is no need to drill any holes or install mounting brackets. The camera has a 120° angle which is best for Cars, SUVs, and Trucks. With 120° everything behind the vehicle can easily be seen, it is also color, waterproof and has military grade night vision. The camera and mount are made of steel for ultimate durability in the roughest weather conditions.

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