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Mirror monitors for Backup Camera Systems

Our line of mirror monitors are designed for those who have no place for a traditional monitor, or would prefer to integrate the backup camera monitor into their rearview mirror.

We have a number of different varieties of mirror monitors: Clip-on/velcro strap, and full replacement mirrors.

The clip-on/velcro strap variety feature larger viewable areas than standard size mirrors found in most vehicles, and include options like light silver or dark bronze mirror surface, Bluetooth capability, even support for viewing 3 or 4 cameras simultaneously! Clip-on mirrors come in 7" and 9" sizes.

The full replacement mirrors are great for those who have no existing mirror, or for those who prefer the look of a standard sized mirror with monitor functions fully integrated. These mirrors come with either single or dual monitors inlaid into the mirror surface, allowing you to still use the mirror function while viewing the monitor feed. Also available options are inside and outside temperature sensors plus compass display. These come standard with 4.3" viewable area.

In addition, all mirrors have two video inputs so you can connect an additional camera, game system, or DVD player. Our mirror monitors are compatible with all our cameras and any car; they can connect to any 12V power source hard wired, or with an optional cigarette lighter adapter.