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Monitors for Backup Camera Systems

Our monitors come in a number of different styles, sizes, and options for multiple camera inputs.

Standard Monitors

These monitors can be installed in numerous ways. They come standard with an adjustable mount with sticky adhesive to attach to your dashboard. Optional suction cup mounts are available for those who prefer to attach it to the windshield. It is also possible to mount these monitors directly into your dashboard. (Depending on your vehicle this may require an adapter harness)

Size Options: 3.5”, 4.3”, 5”, 7”, 9”, 10.5”, or 12”

Split/Quad Screen Options: Available on 7”, 9”, 10.5”, or 12”

Input Options:
3.5”, 4.3”, and 5” - Single input only.
7”, 9”, 10.5”, and 12” - Dual inputs, can alternate video display.
7”, 9”, 10.5”, and 12” split/quad: 4 inputs, many different display options.

Mirror Monitors

Our line of mirror monitors are great solutions when mounting a monitor on the dash or windshield is not practical. These come in two basic styles: Clip-on, which attaches on to the current mirror, and full replacement, which includes the hardware necessary to completely replace your current rear view mirror.

Size Options: 4.3”, 7”, or 9”
(NOTE: Full-replacement mirrors only available in 4.3”)

Split/Quad Screen Options: Available on 4.3” (clip-on only), 7”, and 9” (9” is also available in triple screen)

Input Options:
4.3” - Dual inputs standard, clip-on split screen has 4 inputs
7” and 9” - Dual inputs standard, all split/triple quad have 4 inputs

Other Options:
Bluetooth connectivity available on 4.3” full replacement and 7” clip-on.
GPS Navigation available on 4.3” full replacement only.