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120° Black License Plate Frame HD Backup Camera (Hi-Res CCD)

HD Black License Plate full Frame Backup Camera | SKU34123 HD Black License Plate full Frame Backup Camera | SKU34123
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  • HD Black License Plate full Frame Backup Camera | SKU34123
  • Frontal view of the Wired CCD License plate backup camera with attached frame for cars, trucks, RVs, campers, trailers, and more.
  • Close up view of the lens on the hi-resolution CCD License plate backup camera with frame
  • License Plate RCA Cables
  • CCD License plate backup camera dimensions: 1 in. W x 7.5 in. L x 1 in. D
  • License Plate RCA Video Cable
  • License Plate
< >
120° Black License Plate Frame HD Backup Camera (Hi-Res CCD)
  • Color
  • Military Grade Night Vision
  • On while driving or in reverse
  • 100% Weatherproof
  • Mounts on License Plate
  • Reverse image (Mirrored Image)
  • CCD (High Definition) Camera

About this Black License Plate Frame backup camera

backup camera

Simple design makes it easy to install


One of the best decisions a driver can make, especially for those driving a large vehicle like an RV with limited visibility, is to install a backup camera. Far too many accidents that happen these days are entirely avoidable. Our 120° Black License Plate Frame HD Backup Camera offers incredible performance at a very reasonable price, so there is no reason for drivers not to own one. A backup camera will make you a safer driver, prevent needless accidents and provide a stress-free, enjoyable driving experience.

Backup Cameras Make Your Vehicle Safer
Sometimes, mirrors just don't cut it. Even just bumping into another vehicle while you are parking can have serious financial ramifications. Our 120° Black License Plate Frame HD Backup Camera has a vivid high-definition screen and crystal-clear CCD lens that will allow you to see exactly what is in your way. Even tiny obstructions will be picked up, which can mean the difference between sitting around with a flat tire or easily steering out of the way. The roads are full of obstructions, and a backup camera allows you to avoid them.

Get a Quality Camera at a Friendly Price
Our 120° Black License Plate Frame HD Backup Camera is a cut above the rest. If you think a premium backup camera does not fit into your budget, you will be pleased to see that our high-quality cameras are available at low prices. These cameras are rough and rugged, made to withstand whatever the road throws at them. The hard casing can certainly take a hit and the weatherproof structure ensures flawless performance rain or shine. Our backup cameras are built to last – to say the least!

More you should know

rear-view camera

What do the angles mean?

Simple, Intuitive Installation
The license plate frame design makes installing this camera very easy. Simply screw your license plate in with the frame and you are good to go. You don't have to worry about drilling holes, mounting brackets or modifying your vehicle in any way. With a 120° viewing range, you will be able to see everything behind you. You can angle the camera up or down to get the perfect view for your specific vehicle. It even has military-grade night vision so that you can back up safely even in pitch black conditions.

Order Worry-Free
Whether you need just one camera for your vehicle or a full system to give you accurate viewing from all angles, Tadi Brothers has you covered. All of our cameras and monitors are compatible with one another, so you can always add more if necessary. You don't need to worry about compatibility issues because, on the off-chance that an unforeseen problem happens, you have a full 30 days to exchange or return the camera. However, we are pleased to say that our customers are consistently thrilled by each and every product they purchase.

What's in the rear view license plate full frame camera box

rear-view camera system

You get everything you see here

1. CCD Hi-Res quality License plate backup camera (Full Frame)
2. 120 degree waterproof backup camera (Simple install)
3. 15 foot cables needed for installation
4. All cables needed are included in the package
5. Instruction Manual

Contact Tadi Brothers for Additional Information
If you have any questions about the 120° Black License Plate Frame HD Backup Camera or any of our other products, please do not hesitate to call us at (866) 966-5550 at any time of day or night. You can also get in touch with us through our website. Place your order with confidence, as our commitment to excellence at Tadi Brothers is well-known among savvy buyers. Order a quality backup camera today and start doing your part to prevent accidents.

120° Black License Plate Frame HD Backup Camera (Hi-Res CCD)-SKU34123

More Info
Weight (Lbs)
AGC Automatic
Anodized black finish Yes
Camera Resolution 420 TV Lines
Contrast Ratio 250:1
Electronic Shutter 1/60 ~ 1/10,000 Second
Minimum Illumination (LUX) 1.2
Quantity of Infrared LED's for Night vision 9
Rugged die cast aluminum housing Yes
Backup camera connectivity Wired
Backup camera style License Plate
Cable Video Quality HD
Camera Housing Color Black
Camera Water Resistant Yes
Camera White Balance Automatic
Cameras Viewable Angle 120°
Circumference Camera 1.5''
Dimensions 7.5"(W) X 0.5(D) X 1"(H)
Dual Backup camera compatible Yes
Installation Cables Included Yes
Mirrored Image Yes
Night Vision Yes
Night Vision Viewable Distance 60ft
Operating temperature -40C to + 133C
Power Supply 12 Volt DC
Quad Compatibility Yes
Storage temperature -20C+65C
Type of Connection RCA
Type of lense CCD
Vertical Adjustability 60°

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Tadibrothers Review: 5/19/2015 Will (Lakeside, AZ )

Bumper mount
Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

"I was gonna go with a bumper camera but decided against drilling. I like that this goies into the plate holes and screws. No drilling needed was what i like"

Tadibrothers Review: 5/18/2015 Ted (Libertyville, IL )

Night vision was impressive
Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

"The night vision turns on in no tiem when I'm driving at night, was very impressed by this. "

Tadibrothers Review: 5/15/2015 Blaine (Oak Brook, IL )

Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

"I was searching everywhere for a back up camera that can hook up to my Alpine system and this camera is amazing. if you have an Alpine system in your dash this is what you need to get. At first I was just happy to find something compatible with my connections but then when i installed i realized the quality of the CCD lens and Night vision were perfect. Oh yeah, and get this... I can watch it while i'm driving, even My wife's built in system for her Lexus doesn't have that."

Tadibrothers Review: 5/11/2015 Alvin (Seal Beach, CA )

Excellent Fit
Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

"I must say after installing this camera on my pick up, you wouldn't even know it's there. Great fit, excellent night vision and very durable. You won't be sorry."

Tadibrothers Review: 5/9/2015 Gary (Lumsden, Saskatchewan )

Finally received it and love it.
Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

"It took a couple of weeks for me to receive this license plate frame. Got it installed and love it. "

Tadibrothers Review: 4/22/2015 Loyd (Bastian, VA )

Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

"Worked perfectly with my Dash unit. I needed a camera to plug into my Kenwood and this was the perfect choice!"

Tadibrothers Review: 3/22/2015 Brett (Scottsdale, AZ )

Camera all the time
Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

"I wanted a camera while driving down the road, also I am towing and want to make sure that sucker is still there and stable. It is. THANKS!"

Tadibrothers Review: 3/22/2015 Stan F. (Saint Johns, FL )

Silver looks good
Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

"Im glad to see the quality of the silver chrome on the camera. At this point my car has been through 8 car washes and it looks just like the day i bought it"

Tadibrothers Review: 3/11/2015 Dave J. (Morgantown, WV )

Excellent night vision
Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

"After testing 4 different brand of camera, this item was the clear winner. i bought it chrome which was a mistake because it isn't exactly like the chrome on my car but it hardly noticeable and the night vision is almost like watching a daytime image "

Tadibrothers Review: 1/22/2015 Howard S. (Enid, OK )

Im glad i got the frame
Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

"When purchasing the camera I was debating on whether I should get it with the frame and after receiving the Black full frame I love how it look on my truck."

Tadibrothers Review: 1/20/2015 Saul M. (Renton, WA )

Simple and reliable
Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

"My old peak camera broke 2 month after I purchased it. I learned my lesson and just went to Tadibros. I hooked it up to my 3.5" monitor and it works great. i am writing this review 4 months after the purchase of the camera and its clearly a better product"

Tadibrothers Review: 5/19/2014 Dannie (Chesapeake, VA )

Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

"I really like that you can angle the cameras. I focused mine down at the road and thats just how I wanted it."

Tadibrothers Review: 3/22/2014 Dylan (Inez, TX )

It does what it does
Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

"All I wanted was a backup camera like my friend. He has a new car and I was worried it wouldnt work like his. It DOES. It acts like it should and turns on in reverse. My car is now good for a few more years."

Tadibrothers Review: 1/14/2013 Kimmy (Warren, OH )

Love It!
Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

"The camera was installed and looks good on my car.Love this product,thanks for making it so easy to order."

HD Black License Plate full Frame Backup Camera | SKU34123HD Black License Plate full Frame Backup Camera | SKU34123

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Just wanted to express my appreciation for your technical group. They have patiently listened to this old dinosaur, and worked with me until we got to a very acceptable result. My 39 foot fifth wheel had what appeared to me to be issues, Your team resolved and taught me how to get it right. Good Job, Thank you. .
Clyde -
Relatively simple installation, if you're handy and able to follow YouTube videos on getting into the Mini dash. One weird and seemingly unresolvable thing: if your Mini has the Park Assist option, PA and the backup camera will 'compete' for the screen when you shift into reverse. Camera always prevails, but there is generally a quick flash of the PA screen just before the camera screen. This bothered us, since it really looked 'aftermarket.' Tech support was helpful, but offered no ultimate fix. Best solution was to deactivate the PA system by pulling its fuse. The excellent camera view with grid is a more than effective trade-off.
Kevin -