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4K Dash Camera with a Backup Camera (2023)

4K Dash Camera with a Backup Camera (2023) - SKU56898


$229.99 $299.99
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4K Dash Camera with a Backup Camera USB-C (2023)

4K Dash Camera with a Backup Camera USB-C (2023) - SKU31891

$249.99 $299.99
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Dual Lens 2.7-Inch Dash Camera (TBF30)

Dual Lens 2.7-Inch Dash Camera (TBF30) - SKU56897


$124.99 $189.99
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Motorcycle - SKU324686

$99.99 $159.99
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Motorcycle DVR Recording System With 2 Cameras Resolution 1080p

Motorcycle DVR Recording System With 2 Cameras Resolution 1080p - SKU324685


$199.99 $249.99
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For over a decade, Tadibrothers has provided cutting edge car electronics to individuals and businesses, including high resolution dash cam systems that are affordable and easy to install. We carry dash cam systems that have one camera or two cameras, and feature high resolution screens that let you view what happens in back and/or in front of your car. Our customers install our dash cams in their vehicles to record a variety of situations, including:

1. Auto Accidents

Perhaps the most common reason for implementing dash cams is to capture accidents as they occur. Drivers involved in auto accidents often give conflicting reports of how the incidents occurred. When a dash camera records an accident, police officers and attorneys can get a clear idea of how the event really happened. In addition to protecting you against false accident reports, having a camera in your car can record other people’s accidents and help protect them.

2. Road Rage

When someone loses their temper, exits their vehicle, and approaches your car, there is no telling what could happen. However, when you have a dash cam rolling, the sights and sounds of the encounter will be recorded. If the person damages your vehicle, makes threats, or injures you, all you have to do is show the police and your attorney the video footage to make a case. If the perpetrator tries to deny or downplay the incident, the video evidence will speak for itself.

3. Vandalism

Many drivers choose to leave their dash cams running when the vehicle is parked to catch incidents of vandalism that might occur to the vehicle. If you live in an area where vandalism to personal property is unfortunately common, installing a discreet camera system in your vehicle can help you catch the vandals in action.

4. Carjacking

Imagine sitting at a stoplight, when out of nowhere comes a would-be carjacker wielding a weapon. Even if you decide to punch the gas and speed away before the perpetrator can carry out his plan to steal your car, it would be nice to have the person’s photograph so you could turn it over to police. Because they can be positioned to record different angles of the vehicle, dash camera systems often capture photographic evidence of carjackers in action.

5. Make Yourself Safer Today

For more than ten years, Tadibrothers has sold cutting edge car camera systems that help vehicle owners protect themselves and their vehicle by recording what happens in the vicinity of the car. A dash cam can record evidence that makes it easier to prove what happened in an auto accident, a road rage incident, a situation involving police misconduct, or a vandalism incident. Outfit your car with one of our dash cam systems and make yourself safer today!

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