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120° Heavy Duty RV Backup Camera (Birds Eye View)

Heavy Duty RV Backup Camera SKU24376 Heavy Duty RV Backup Camera SKU24376
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  • Heavy Duty RV Backup Camera SKU24376
  • Heavy Duty RV Reverse camera
  • Heavy duty reverse camera (Side)
  • Heavy Duty RV Back up Camera angles
  • Heavy Duty RV Backup Camera (back)
  • Heavy Duty aftermarket backup camera (front)
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120° Heavy Duty RV Backup Camera (Birds Eye View)
  • Color
  • Military Grade Night Vision
  • On while driving or in reverse
  • Mounts at top of RV
  • 100% Weatherproof
  • Reverse image (Mirrored Image)
  • Heavy Duty

About this backup camera

backup camera

Simple design makes it easy to install


There are many ways to improve your vehicle's performance. You can choose from a huge variety of products you can use to upgrade the performance of your car, truck, RV, van or any other vehicle. One of the most effective ways to make your daily commute much safer is to install a backup camera. Blind spots cause countless accidents every year, and most of them are the driver's fault. If you want to drastically reduce the risk of backing into something, you may want to consider investing in a 120° Heavy Duty RV Backup Camera.

Prevent Avoidable Accidents
If you are driving a large vehicle like an RV or a truck, backing up can be hazardous, especially if you are traveling alone. One careless move can cause serious problems that nobody wants to deal with. Not only can an accident cause physical harm to you, your passengers and other drivers, but it can be quite an expensive mistake as well. With the use of a 120° Heavy Duty RV Backup Camera, you can make sure that the coast is clear – every single time.

Get Premium Quality for Less
Here at Tadi Brothers, we are pleased to offer affordable backup cameras you can depend on. Our quality 120° Heavy Duty RV Backup Camera is built to the highest standards, resulting in a premium camera that will give you the performance you require. There is no reason to spend more than you need to on a backup camera. Our quality products are packed with all of the latest features for budget-friendly prices that won’t break the bank.

More you should know

rear-view camera

What do the angles mean?

Consistent Performance
It is important for a backup camera to be versatile. After all, you never know what kind of environment you are going to be backing up in. With our 120° Heavy Duty RV Backup Camera, you will be able to see where you are going whether it is night or day, thanks to its powerful, military-grade night vision capability. As the lighting changes, your camera will adapt accordingly. It even has an automatic dimmer function so that you don't have to worry about glare from the sun.

This Camera is Made to Last
If a camera is going to be riding on the outside of your vehicle, it needs to be extremely tough. After all, nobody wants their camera to malfunction the first time it rains! Our quality cameras are 100% weatherproof, and the durable casing ensures that this product will stand up to even the harshest storms, bumps, pebbles, rocks and anything else that may damage weaker cameras. This is a heavy-duty piece of equipment that will hold up to the worst of road hazards.

What's in the box
backup camera system

You get everything you see here

1. Heavy Duty Standard quality RV Box backup camera
2. 120 degree waterproof backup camera (Simple install)
3. 15 foot cables needed for installation
4. All cables needed are included in the package
5. Instruction Manual

Buy with Confidence
There is no need to worry about compatibility issues. Although it is unlikely, if you do run into any problems, you can take advantage of the Tadi Brothers' 30-day guarantee. Exchange your cameras or simply get a refund; the choice is up to you. We believe that the best way to keep customers coming back is to simply give them what they want – quality products, reasonable prices and exemplary customer service. For the ultimate in driving convenience and safety, order a quality backup camera today!

120° Heavy Duty RV Backup Camera (Birds Eye View)-SKU24376

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Tadibrothers Review: 12/26/2016 Gary

Needed this for my garbage truck
Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

"We needed this for our disposal truck. Camera works great and its even more sturdy housing construction than their regular ones. Also has the ccd high definition camera picture which displays really well in the monitor."

Tadibrothers Review: 6/19/2014 Stamper (Cut Bank, MT )

Good camera, easy installation
Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

"Received the camera today at about noon, had it installed in about 20 minutes. Needed a conversion for the RCA plugs to my existing cabling system but the service guys hooked me up and I'm done. Done. Good camera, decent price, and it *does* seem heavy duty. The display rocks. Nice job you guys - and very fast and efficient service."

Tadibrothers Review: 2/14/2013 Terry (Laramie, WY )

Works great on all construction equipment
Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

"I have this camera with a magnetic mount, we use them from anything from a diesel pusher to a crane. We're often in harsh terrains and the heavy duty upgrade was a must. I can honestly say this has exceeded expectations. The quality of the picture and the durability of the camera is unlike anything I have seen before. We had an instance where a rock fell on it the other day, I thought we were going to have to buy another one but the camera wasn't phased one bit. Would recommend this camera for any large piece of equipment that might be exposed to harsh terrains or temperatures."

Tadibrothers Review: 1/29/2013 Keith (Williston, ND )

Overall rating :
Features :
Performance :
Design :
Value :

"I live in alaska and drive a 40' diesel pusher, the temperatures and weather up here have ruined every previous back up camera I have owned, after doing research this seems to be the camera to go with. Bought it in november and it is now late may and it still works good as new, the heavy duty housing truly does seem to make a difference."

Heavy Duty RV Backup Camera SKU24376Heavy Duty RV Backup Camera SKU24376

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Just wanted to express my appreciation for your technical group. They have patiently listened to this old dinosaur, and worked with me until we got to a very acceptable result. My 39 foot fifth wheel had what appeared to me to be issues, Your team resolved and taught me how to get it right. Good Job, Thank you. .
Clyde -
Relatively simple installation, if you're handy and able to follow YouTube videos on getting into the Mini dash. One weird and seemingly unresolvable thing: if your Mini has the Park Assist option, PA and the backup camera will 'compete' for the screen when you shift into reverse. Camera always prevails, but there is generally a quick flash of the PA screen just before the camera screen. This bothered us, since it really looked 'aftermarket.' Tech support was helpful, but offered no ultimate fix. Best solution was to deactivate the PA system by pulling its fuse. The excellent camera view with grid is a more than effective trade-off.
Kevin -