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360 Degree Car Camera System in 3D for Surround View with DVR (4 Cameras)

SKU46856 - In Stock


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360 Degree Car Camera System in 3D for Surround View with DVR (4 Cameras)

  4.5 Based on 11 reviews


360 Degree Car Camera System in 3D for Surround View with DVR (4 Cameras) - SKU46856
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    360 View This is known as the overhead 360 view. Basically you see everything as though you were looking down on the vehicle from above
    Stitched around camera image The camera image stitches into a full 360 view of the system. So you can see all sides in one large picture
    3D View of the vehicle 3D View of the vehicle so you can see 3D perspectives of your vehicle from different angles and sides of the vehicle
    7 inch Monitor Size The 7-inch screen includes a dash mount. Use the customize section on this page to change the size
    Monitor Mounts on Dash The monitor can mount on the dash. You can also mount it using a suction cup on the windshield or mount it overhead
    Split screen Connect up to 4 cameras and split the screen many different ways. So you can choose which camera you want to see
    Toggle between 2 cameras Switch between 2 cameras on the monitor. Choose whichever camera you want to see and switch over whenever you like
    4 Cameras This system comes with 4 cameras
    Color See the whole world in full color when reversing or driving down the road. Great for all weather conditions
    On while driving or in reverse Works for driving down the road and reverse only. So you can use this as an observation camera to change lanes
    Reverse image (Mirrored Image) The video image on the screen will reversed. Just like the mirror in your car. Great for backing up or looking at the road behind you
    100% Weatherproof 100% Weatherproof. Works in all weather conditions. Rain or Snow or Sun you will be just fine using this system. Its meant to be out in the weather
    Best seller Sold the most among all our systems and one of the most popular across the board

About this 3D Sedan/SUV 360 Degree All Around View System

blind spot system

Tiny Cameras on all sides of your car

If you want safety this is a must have system. It detects anything around your entire car, so you have full coverage. The assist system will show video images around the entire car simultaneously. You have 4 wide 180 degree angle cameras installed on the FRONT, REAR, LEFT, and RIGHT side of the car for that full 360 Degree image. All the cameras have Color and Nightvision. The software of the system splits and joins the images so you get the best view possible. You can intuitively catch sight of the location and obstacles around you.

The system also has a DVR so you can record up to 28 hours of your journey. The recording will continue in a loop so if anything ever happens you will have a full recording of everything that takes place from all sides of the vehicle. Everything can be operated fromthe remote control that comes with the system.

Many high end vehicles have this type of Safety System. It is the future of driving safely. You will always know your surroundings. TadiBrothers would like cars without this to be the thing of the past!

The system also shows all the cameras in a 3D view, which makes it one of the best one the market! Super easy to use and see what is surronding your vehicle.

You can also record the surroundings of the vehicle when its parked. You just need to supply the control box with any 12V power and leave the system on to record. When you return all the sides of the vehicle will have been recorded in full color and nightvision.

The system can be viewed on the 7" Color LCD Monitor included in the package. The crystal clear 7” LCD Monitor is a perfect addition to any driver that needs assistance backing up. See the whole world behind you in rich colors. It is also an LCD monitor so it is very light as well as thin. It can mount on your windshield or dashboard (mount included). Super easy installation


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