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Trailer Hitch Quick Disconnect Backup Camera System with Monitor

SKU23818 - In Stock


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Trailer Hitch Quick Disconnect Backup Camera System with Monitor

  4.5 Based on 33 reviews
RV Backup Camera with Monitor and Quick Disconnect Cable | SKU-23818
RV Backup Camera with Monitor and Quick Disconnect Cable | SKU-23818
RV Backup Camera with Monitor and Quick Disconnect Cable | SKU-23818
7-Inch LCD Monitor for any Backup Camera | SKU24122
Best selling RV backup camera replacement
The trailer tow quick disconnect, aka Slinky, is the solution to hard wire our backup camera systems while towing.
Upgrade to a DVR monitor for backup camera system
Comes standard with automatic military grade night vision LEDs. These infrared LEDs give you a clear picture even in total darkness!
Installation example on a 5th wheel camper/trailer. The trailer tow quick disconnect makes hard wired camera systems a snap!
Best selling Backup Camera
The trailer tow quick disconnect features a weatherproof design built for years on the road.
Rear view of the 7 inch monitor and the dash mount.
Adjustable sun shield helps you see better in bright sunny conditions, and prevents water drops from obscuring your view in inclement weather.
Closeup of the trailer tow quick disconnect slinky cable. Relaxed it is 12 in. long, however it can stretch up to 60 in. if needed.
Dimensions for 120 degree birds-eye view RV backup camera: 3 in. L x 2.25 in. W x 2.5 in. H
The trailer tow quick disconnect includes the connector sockets and adapter cables for 1 to 4 cameras. (Please call to specify)
Monitor dimensions
The trailer tow quick disconnect is available in standard, heavy duty, and industrial strength.
The trailer tow quick disconnect plug sockets have spring loaded caps to keep moisture and dirt out of the plugs.
Closeup of the trailer tow quick disconnect female plugs
The standard trailer hitch tow quick disconnect slinky cable is 1/4 in. thick.
The trailer tow quick disconnect socket plugs are approximately 1 inch in diameter.


Trailer Hitch Quick Disconnect Backup Camera System with Monitor - SKU23818
Click on icons for more info
    7 inch Monitor Size The 7-inch screen includes a dash mount. Use the customize section on this page to change the size
    Monitor Mounts on Dash The monitor can mount on the dash. You can also mount it using a suction cup on the windshield or mount it overhead
    Toggle between 2 cameras Switch between 2 cameras on the monitor. Choose whichever camera you want to see and switch over whenever you like
    Watch 1 camera or 4 Connect up to 4 cameras and split the screen many different ways. So you can choose which camera you want to see
    1 Camera This system comes with 1 camera. Keep in mind you can add up to 4 cameras to the system
    Color See the whole world in full color when reversing or driving down the road. Great for all weather conditions
    Wired System This is a wired system. You simply connect the camera to the monitor using a cable
    Mounts at top of RV Mount up top and point it down at the road. This is a great camera for that bird eye view that will show you everything you need to see
    Military Grade Night Vision Driving at night? No problem! See everything behind you in full nightvision
    On while driving or in reverse Works for driving down the road and reverse only. So you can use this as an observation camera to change lanes
    Reverse image (Mirrored Image) The video image on the screen will reversed. Just like the mirror in your car. Great for backing up or looking at the road behind you
    100% Weatherproof 100% Weatherproof. Works in all weather conditions. Rain or Snow or Sun you will be just fine using this system. Its meant to be out in the weather

About this Quick Disconnect System

rear view Monitor

Comes with a dash mount


About the Monitor

This system comes preconfigured with our standard 7-inch monitor it has 2 inputs but can be upgraded to have 4.
The monitor is meant to be mounted on your dash but many of our resourceful customers have it velcroed to their dash even covering their old monitor. Some have used the included mount to hang it from their vehicles ceiling (great solution for trucks with small cabs)

Screen quality on this monitor is very reliable it features full color and can be left active continuously while you are driving down the road if you choose to add a 2nd camera you can toggle between them with a push of a button. As for the brightness, it will look great even in direct sunlight but will auto dim at night for a softer more comfortable view.

if you want to upgrade or change the monitor use our “Customize and upgrade” section at the top right of the page. There you will find that we have split screens, mirrors, in all shapes and sizes to fit any vehicles.

Click here to see our REAR VIEW MONITOR GUIDE

About the RV Backup camera

The RV camera included in this system features full color and military grade night vision. It can operate continuously while you are driving down the road or turn on automatically when you go in reverse.  The camera sits on a 100% weather proof u bracket that makes it very easy to install and will give you a perfect view if you point it at your hitch. The included camera also has a sun shield to block direct sunlight.

Some popular upgrades for this camera are high definition, grid lines and even get a wide field of view up to180 degrees. You can make all these changes and even replace the entire camera or add a 2nd one by using our “customize and upgrade” at the top right of the page.

for more details about our camera, read our guides and get even more information

Click here to see our BACKUP CAMERA GUIDE

About our different Quick Disconnect Harnesses 

backup camera

Simple design makes it easy to install

We have 3 types of hitch quick disconnect harnesses they all have the same features but their durability and longevity are different. All our quick disconnect can be upgraded to work with up to 4 cameras, you can also have power run through that cable so that you can power the entire system from a single power source.  These harnesses have been very popular with horse trailer systems because if the convenience of the hitching but the quality of the videos is great if you are using the system as an observation camera. 

All 3 of the below option are meant to make your hitching quick and deliver a consistent image.

1. Standard (SKU25032)- this entry level harness is very light and easy to set, it’s good for standard quality camera (CMOS) and is 100% weather proof

2. Heavy (SKU25033)- This harness is more durable than the standard and for that reason is a little heavier but it also has connection clasps that our customer find it easier to connect and reconnect at the hitch.

3. Industrial (SKU25034)- this is our luxury edition it is lighter than the Heavy but it has hi-definition cabling that will give you a video image worthy of TV. All the connectors have a comfortable rubber coating and make hitching up very fast. This harness is a bit more expensive but well worth the upgrade, it's also the most durable we sell and it’s the only cable we sell to fleets.


By using the CUSTOMIZE AND UPGRADE  at the top right of the page, you can choose which hitching harness is best for you. In addition, you can also change, upgrade or add cameras to your system by using that section.  

More you should know

Quick disconnect wiring diagram

Example of how the system can be connected

Photo Explanation
1. Standard RV Box Camera
2. 70ft Cable
3. Standard Quick Disconnect Harness
4. 25ft Cable
5. 7-inch Color Monitor

The system includes all parts necessary to connect a One camera system to your Truck and 5th Wheel. You connect the box camera to the top part of your 5th wheel (Photo 1.) You then run the 70ft cable provided (Photo 2.) from the camera at the back of your 5th wheel to your hitch. At that point, you connect the 70ft cable to a second 20ft cable (Photo 4.) with the Quick Disconnect provided  (Photo 3.) That 25ft cable connects to your monitor (Photo 5.) Now you can see the whole world behind you! The adapter allows you to disconnect the 5th wheel from the backup system (Photo 3.) when you are not towing it.

Put any compatibility issues aside. With the TadiBrothers promise, you have our 30 day guarantee to return the item for an exchange or a full refund. In addition, all our cameras monitor, and car DVD players purchased from TadiBrothers are always compatible with each other. So feel free to mix and match to create your own ultimate vehicular system. (Ask us about our 4-8 cameras split screen options for security, buses, or RVs)

What's in the system box

Trailer Hitch Quick Disconnect Backup Camera kit

You get items seen here

1. Standard 7-inch Monitor
2. Dash mount
3. Standard RV Box (Birds eye)
4. Standard Quick Disconnect Cable for 1 camera
5. All cables including Industrial Quick Disconnect Included
6. Instruction Manual

The TadiBrothers promise:

30 Days 100% money back guarantee. We know our products are world class and we stand by them 100%. We even have a 24/7 tech team ready for any questions you have. Buy with confidence the TadiBrothers team won’t let you down.

All of our products come with a Standard 1-year warranty.
At TadiBrothers we also offer an Extended Protection Plan. With the extended protection if anything goes wrong, including you damaging your system, we will replace it with a brand new system at no cost. This protection covers anything and everything.


Trailer Hitch Quick Disconnect Backup Camera System with Monitor - SKU23818
More Info
Weight (Lbs)
Cameras Included in the Package 1 Camera
Transport 5th Wheel,Campers and Trailers
7-Inch Rear View Monitor for any Backup Camera - SKU24122
More Info
Weight (Lbs)
Bluetooth No Bluetooth
Built-In Speakers Yes
Camera Resolution 420 TV Lines
Contrast Ratio 250:1
Designated Installation Dash and Window Mountable
Dimensions 7.1"(W) X 0.5"(D) X 4.8" (H)
Dual Backup camera compatible Yes
Installation Cables Included Yes
Length of Cable Included 15ft
Material LCD
Monitor Type LCD Monitor
Operating temperature -40C to + 133C
Performance sensors High sensitivity
Power Supply 12 Volt DC
Quad Compatibility Yes
Remote control Included Yes
Resolution 1024X768
Screen Size 7-Inch Screen
Split Screen No
Storage temperature -20C+65C
Type of Connection RCA
Type of screen LCD
Video game system Compatible Yes
RV Backup Camera (Birds Eye View) - SKU24374
More Info
Weight (Lbs)
Backup camera connectivity Wired
Backup camera style Roof Angle (Birds eye view)
Cameras Viewable Angle 120°
Trailer Tow Cable Quick Slinky Disconnect (Standard) - SKU25032
More Info
Weight (Lbs)
Length of Cable Included Quick Disconnect
Type Of Upgrade Cable Upgrade
Backup camera connectivity Quick Disconnect
Cable Video Quality HD
Installation Cables Included Yes
Type of Vehicle RV, Bus,Truck, Boat, Sedan, Minivan, SUV
Weather Proof Yes
Weather Proof Insulated Cable Yes


There are no questions for this product

Give us a call at (866) 966-5550 we can help you with any other questions or concerns


Works for my farm equipment

"I needed a standard camera that will fit on 3 of my vehicles that i use to farm. This camera fit the bill. its birds eye view gives me the perspective i need and i love the night vision. So far i have purchased 3 of these and my son in law has 9. We are both satisfied with the rear view camera"

Reviewed By:

Fred K. - 8/18/2019
Overall rating:
Good Quality

"The picture quality on this monitor is excellent. Crystal clear view. "

Reviewed By:

Jose (Mesa, AZ ) - 5/20/2019
Overall rating:
Driving down the road

"This is EXACTLY what I wanted. I needed something to use while driving down the road and merging. I CANNOT see anything behind me at all. I like it for reverse but LOVE it for driving. Thanks guys."

Reviewed By:

Patrick (Saint Johnsville, NY ) - 5/20/2019
Overall rating:
Best Monitor EVER!!!!

"I needed to replace the monitor on my old Voyager, Voyager wanted $800 for just the monitor and i was able to buy it from Tadibrothers for a fraction of the price with all necessary adapters. The crew was very helpful over the phone and i got the item with same day shipping. Now thats service! "

Reviewed By:

Eric (gloucester, VA ) - 5/19/2019
Overall rating:
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      Sunday Special: $ 284.99
      You Save: $115.00 (29%)
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