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Parking Sensor System with Ultra Bright Display

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Parking Sensor System with Ultra Bright Display



Parking Sensor System with Ultra Bright Display - SKU54267
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    Upgradeable to 8 Sensors You can use our customize section to add 4 more sensors to the system. This way it will cover the front and back of your vehicle

About this Parking Sensor System with a Ultra Bright Display


Large ultra bright display with built in speakers 

The Ultra Bright parking sensor display included in the system is a great addition to any car, not only do you get the audio feedback (beeping) that our speaker systems provide but the dot matrix display will interpret those sounds into color coded points on the display bar, the dots and colors on the display will show you where the object is located while parking.

These systems come in 4 or 8 sensor bundles depending on if you want to cover both the front and the back of your vehicle.

With the above display when you put your vehicle in reverse the speaker will start to beep when there is an object 8ft away and the closer you get to the object the beeping will get faster and faster until it “flatlines” 6-inches away from your bumper with a solid beep. The TadiBrothers radar technology had been used on the road for over 20 years from a small Ford Focus to large semi-trailers, we keep everyone safe.

When designing these displays we had the esthetics of your vehicle in mind, we made it elegant enough that you can display it anywhere in your vehicle some customers have even velcroed it above their mirror to make it more intuitive for users.
Please note, all of the above choices can be picked in our “customize and upgrade” section located at the top right of the page. for even more information please click here to read our parking sensor guide.



Click here to read our PARKING SENSORS GUIDE

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