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Digital Wireless RV Backup Camera with receiver for any Rear View Monitor

SKU79706 - In Stock


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Digital Wireless RV Backup Camera with receiver for any Rear View Monitor



SKU79706 Features (Click On Icons For More Info)
    Color See the whole world in full color when reversing or driving down the road. Great for all weather conditions
    Digital wireless range of over 150ft Digital is the best we sell. You will have no issues whatsoever with our digital signal, it will be crystal clear all the time, every time
    Mounts at top of RV Mount up top and point it down at the road. This is a great camera for that bird eye view that will show you everything you need to see
    Built in transmitters Rear Camera Built in transmitters means no extra parts. Just an antenna coming off the camera
    Military Grade Night Vision Driving at night? No problem! See everything behind you in full nightvision
    On while driving or in reverse Works for driving down the road and reverse only. So you can use this as an observation camera to change lanes
    Reverse image (Mirrored Image) The video image on the screen will reversed. Just like the mirror in your car. Great for backing up or looking at the road behind you
    100% Weatherproof 100% Weatherproof. Works in all weather conditions. Rain or Snow or Sun you will be just fine using this system. Its meant to be out in the weather
    Heavy Duty For those who want the strongest parts you can get. Great for all conditions including harsh vibrations and industrial equipment
    Best seller Sold the most among all our systems and one of the most popular across the board
    Top rated product The best of the best, this product is the top of the line that we sell
About the system SKU79706

This will allow you to connect a Digital wireless RV Camera with 150ft+ range to an analog monitor.

About the Digital Wireless RV Backup Camera with receiver SKU79706
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Receiver will connect to any RCA socket

This Wireless Rear View Backup camera has a digital range of 150ft+, with its integrated transmitter, this camera will work in any environment. It is 100% water proof and will work in the harshest settings.

This Rearview camera has been designed to work with any type of monitor with RCA sockets, though the digital transmitters is integrated into the camera the digital receiver has an RCA cable that will plug into any of our monitor.

The receiver is very small and most people either tuck it under their dash or Velcro it to the back of their monitor.

If you are looking for a multi camera system, this backup camera kit will be perfect for you because the transmission is digital there can’t be interference.

This backup camera and receiver kit runs on 12-36 Volts and it's made of extremely durable and tested materials

It can still activate when you go in reverse, but can be left on continuously while your driving down the road or leave it active when your parked for security.

  • Can connect to screen with an RCA socket
  • 150ft+ Digital wireless range
  • Full color and night vision
  • Can stay on while driving or when parked
  • Can auto-activate when you go in reverse
  • Automatic night vision
  • 120° Viewable Camera Angle

What's In The Box SKU79706

  • Digital wireless RV Camera
  • Digital wireless Receiver


Digital Wireless RV Backup Camera with receiver for any Rear View Monitor - SKU79706
Weight (Lbs)
Dual Backup camera compatible Yes
Camera Water Resistant Yes
Type of Connection RCA
Type of lense CCD
Backup camera connectivity Digital Wireless
Backup camera style Roof Angle (Birds eye view)
Camera White Balance Automatic
Cameras Viewable Angle 120°
Mirrored Image Yes
Night Vision Viewable Distance 60ft
Contrast Ratio 250:1
Camera Resolution 720 TV Lines
Minimum Illumination (LUX) 0.2
AGC Automatic
Rugged die cast aluminum housing Yes
Integrated sun shield Yes
Anodized black finish Yes
Quantity of Infrared LED's for Night vision 18
Electronic Shutter 1/60 ~ 1/10,000 Second
Dimensions 2.6"(W) X 1"(D) X 3"(H)
Operating temperature -40C to + 133C
Power Supply 12 Volt DC
Quad Compatibility Yes
Resolution 1024X768
Storage temperature -20C+65C
Vertical Adjustability 180°
Wireless Range 100ft
Type of Vehicle RV, Bus,Truck, Boat, Sedan, Minivan, SUV
Cable Video Quality HD
More Info
Camera Housing Color Black


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