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Parking Sensor System with 2.5-inch Flat Display

SKU54268 - In Stock


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Parking Sensor System with 2.5-inch Flat Display



SKU54268 Features (Click On Icons For More Info)
    Upgradeable to 8 Sensors You can use our customize section to add 4 more sensors to the system. This way it will cover the front and back of your vehicle
About the system SKU54268

The 2.5-inch parking sensor display included in the system is a great addition to any car, not only do you get the audio feedback (beeping) that our speaker systems provide but the display will interpret those sounds into points on the display bar, the car image on the display will show you where the object is located while parking.

About the front and rear options SKU879655
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Upgrade to front and rear

This sensor system includes 4 sensors that can be mounted on the rear or front of your vehicle. however if you want to have surround coverage choose the "Front & Rear" sensor color of your choice from the customize menu

If you decide that you don't want to do it ow but change your mind in the future, wee sending you the sensor brain that is expandable to 8 sensors, this way you can always just purchase 4 sensors from us in the future and your covered.

About this sensor 4 pack SKU22223
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Sensor Dimensions

These parking sensors are compatible with all TadiBrothers sensor system. if this is from rear or the front the sensors are the same. If you need to install the sensors on the rear and front of your vehicle chose from the menu to quantity of sensors you need.

This sensors will work with any of our sensor brains, weather it is for a wired sensor system or you upgraded the system to be wireless they plugs on each sensor will match what you need.

These sensors are designed for plastic bumper is you have a metal bumper you would need to upgrade to "Rubber" sensors which can be done in the customize section of the page.

if you want a specific color and your having you bumper painted, feel free to paint the sensors it will NOT void your warranty or your ability to return the system.

  • 4 Sensors included
  • Choose the color perfect for you
  • Sensors can be painted to make an exact match by your installer

About the Brain for a 4-8 Sensor system SKU89126
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Wired brain can accept up to 8 sensors

This brain is the control unit for the parking backup sensors, it is designed to help you spot object when you reversing or parking.

This brain will be triggered by your reverse lights or by connecting it under your dash. This specific brain is only for a wired setup but you can customize the system to make the brain wireless as well.

We give you very easy to follow instructions and diagrams on how to se it it up and when you purchase a full system you also get the correct drill bits for the sensors. Watch the video below to see how simple it is to set up. also if you need any extra help out USA based team is always available to assist you.

Though this is called a parking backup sensor some customer mount these sensors on the front for their vehicle. The brain has 2 zones, one for the rear and one for the front. when you get the system you can decide how you want to use it.

  • Will trigger when you go in reverse
  • Activate while parking
  • Compatible with any TadiBrothers sensors
  • Can be expanded to Rear & Front coverage
  • Compatible with rear or front mounting
  • Slim design for easy mounting

2.5-inch Flat Display for a Parking Sensors system SKU89124
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Great contrast for day or night time viewing

This 2.5-inch Flat Parking sensor display will give you a visual and audible readout of what is in front or behind you. This display will show you a visual representation of where the object is around your vehicle.

The high contrast makes it very easy to read in day or night. It is compatible with up to 8 sensors so that you can use it in the rear and/or front of the vehicle.

This display comes with everything you need for a clean install including 15ft Display cable and very easy to follow instructions and diagrams written and designed in the USA.

If you need help please don't hesitate to call us at 866-966-5550 and our American based team will gladly help take your order.

  • 2.5-inch Hi-contrast Display
  • Integrated speaker
  • Slim Profile

What's In The Box SKU54268

  • 4pcs Bumper Parking Sensors (Black)
  • 1pcs Sensor brain for up to 8 wired sensors
  • Adhesive for sensor brain
  • 2.5-inch Display for a Parking Sensors system
  • Double sided adhesive for display


Parking Sensor System with 2.5-inch Flat Display - SKU54268
Weight (Lbs)
Dimensions 0.7"(Depth) X 1"(Diameter)
Installation Cables Included Yes
Material Hard Plastic
Operating temperature -40C to + 133C
Weather Proof Insulated Cable Yes
How many sensors Up to 8 Sensors
Display Screen Shown distance in numbers and light flicker
Weather Proof Yes
Performance sensors High sensitivity
Notifications Audible beeping and visual numbers
Direction of Sensors Horizontal or Vertical
More Info
Dual Meter Detection System Yes
Display Type LED Meter Display
Sensors Placement Rear Bumper Only
Vehicle Type Cars & Trucks
8 Sensor Option - SKU879655
More Info
Weight (Lbs)
Sensors Placement Both Front and Rear Bumper
Standard Parking Sensors Only (Pack of 4) - SKU22223
More Info
Weight (Lbs)
Sensor Part Style Sensors
Type Of Upgrade Other Upgrade
Weather Proof Insulated Cable Yes
Power 12V Power & Ground
Wired Brain for Parking Sensors (Speaker or Display) - SKU89126
More Info
Weight (Lbs)
Sensor Part Style Control Unit (Brain)
Sensor System Style Wired Sensors
Type Of Upgrade Other Upgrade
Weather Proof Insulated Cable Yes
Power 12V Power & Ground
2.5-inch Flat Display for a TadiBrothers Parking Sensors system - SKU89124
More Info
Weight (Lbs)
Sensor Part Style Displays
Sensor System Style Display with Sound


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      Regular Price: $279.99
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      You Save: $80.00 (29%)
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