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Motorhome Microwave Blind Spot Detection System (Commercial Grade)

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Motorhome Microwave Blind Spot Detection System (Commercial Grade)



Motorhome Microwave Blind Spot Detection System (Commercial Grade) - SKU55699

About this Motorhome Microwave Blind Spot Monitoring System (70ft)

blind spot system

Microwave Technology for up to a 70ft Vehicle

This Blind spot Detection system is designed for large comercial vehicle of up to 70ft.
If you want safety this is a must have system. It uses microwave technology to detect any small or large vehicles that are in your blindspot. It detects the lane on your left and right side, so you have full coverage. Before changing lanes this system will let you know if it is safe to do so, the system will alert you by a small blinking luminescent light and a speaker. You can always deactivate the speaker if you just want the LED indicators.

Microwave detects small obstacles starting starting from 8-15m away, and big obstacles starting from 20m.

if you don't react to the blinking LED light, the speaker will beep 3 times as a percussion. 
The speaker can be deactivated if you wish.

blind spot detection system consists of two Microwave sensors, one in each side of the back bumper or quarter panel of the vehicle and will detect vehicles in your blind spot. Included with this bundle you have enough cabling to install on any vehicle with 70ft length or less.

Many high end vehicles such as the Sprinter Vans and Promaters have this Blind Spot detection System. It is the future of driving safely. You will always know your surroundings. TadiBrothers would like Blind Spots to be the thing of the past with this system!

More you should know

Blind spots

Blind spot sensor system Fits perfect on any car

This blind spot monitoring system is very easy to install. It comes with all the instructions and if you need a local installer we can find one for you. This can not only work on cars, but on trucks as well. Once you have this installed you will never know how you drove without it!

It will integrate seemlessly with any car and it will look stock. That means that nobody will be able to tell you have an aftermarket system on your car. It will simply look clean, neat, and operate perfectly as it would from the factory.

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