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Wireless Transmitters for Backup Camera (2 Pack)

SKU19409 - In Stock


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Wireless Transmitters for Backup Camera (2 Pack)



SKU19409 Features (Click On Icons For More Info)
    Wireless up to 70ft Excellent wireless signal for up to 70ft. The signal will transmit without issues and does not need line of sight
    On while driving or in reverse Works for driving down the road and reverse only. So you can use this as an observation camera to change lanes
    100% Weatherproof 100% Weatherproof. Works in all weather conditions. Rain or Snow or Sun you will be just fine using this system. Its meant to be out in the weather
About the system SKU19409

This pair of wireless transmitters includes a 2 sets of transmitters and receivers and plug in to any camera or monitor that have an RCA input. They are 100% water and weatherproof so that will survive the harshest environments.

About this Pair of Analog Wireless Transmitters with 70ft Range SKU19409
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Tiny design can be tucked away anywhere

This pair of wireless Transmitter have a flawless range of 70ft. In the bundle you get 2 complete sets, enough for 2 separate cameras that have RCA plugs (This can be added to any Wired TadiBrothers cameras).

They are 100% water/weatherproof and this updated version will also power the camera, which means you only need 1 power source for each camera. If you don't want the transmitter on the outside many of our customer hide the transmitter in a closet or behind the back wall. For those that want to use the same trailer for different pickup trucks, this system will allow that as well, you would just need to purchase a extra receivers.

When designing these transmitters we assumed they will stay operational continuously 24/7 for those customers that want to use them as a live security system when they are parked.

  • Transmitters for 2 Cameras
  • Wireless range of 70ft+
  • 100% Water and Weather proof
  • Easy Setup and installation

What's In The Box SKU19409

  • 2 Sets of Transmitters (for 2 Cameras)
  • 2pcs 2.1mm DC Barrel connectors


Wireless Transmitters for Backup Camera (2 Pack) - SKU19409
More Info
Weight (Lbs)
Backup camera connectivity Analog Wireless
Installation Cables Included Yes
Material Hard Plastic
Type Of Upgrade Wireless Options
Type of Vehicle RV, Bus,Truck, Boat, Sedan, Minivan, SUV
Weather Proof Yes
Wireless Range 70ft
Power 12V Power & Ground
Transmitter Included


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      Regular Price: $209.99
      Sunday Special: $ 144.99
      You Save: $65.00 (31%)
      Availability: In Stock
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