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New improved Blind Spot monitoring System

As low as $299.99


More and more new cars are being sold with blind spot monitoring sensors to assist drivers in safely changing lanes. Our blind spot detection system features the same high quality sensors that were once the exclusive domain of high end luxury cars. If you're interested in retrofitting your vehicle these systems are for you!

This system includes 2 sensors that mount into your rear bumper. These sense when there is a vehicle in your blind spot and alter you via two small amber LEDs mounted near your side mirrors. They will light up when the system detects a vehicle in the blind spots on either side of your vehicle. The system can be turned on and off if you prefer to not use it at alltimes.

Many high end vehicles such as the Mercedes Benz S Class and Volvo vehicles have this Blind Spot Information System. It is the future of driving safely. You will always know your surroundings. With this Tadibrothers blind spot monitoring are a thing of the past!

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